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If you are trying to rank higher on Search engines like Google. One of them is website structure! Google keeps a keen eye on those who do the best for their audience and to become one of those you should have a strong and smooth website structure. So, if you want to create a powerful site structure then taking help from professional website designing company in India seems like a good idea. Follow the blog and gain some tips and tricks to sketch a better website structure.

1. Consider your first task as planning

 It doesn’t matter if you are planning to construct a new website or restructuring the old one, our suggestion is to draft your site plan first. Planning is one process that helps you figure out everything in the first go and makes it easy for you later. You won’t be confused and stuck on what the next step should be and take more time and feel like you are building a new venture. By creating a blueprint way before starting to build will also help you make sure that you don’t miss anything.

2. Keep the content organized with categories

 You want to keep it simple for you as well as the user, so organising everything and making it look manageable is what you need to do next. There are a few rules you need to take care of while categorising your website. Ensure that categories are not too big for people to get confused, instead make subparts and break them into two. Another thing to take care of is that the main categories should be easily accessible from the main menu to all the users. This is again to avoid confusion and provide them with a smooth user experience.

3. Try the 3 clicks maximum rule

 It is suggested that you should include internal linking of your website to optimize the SEO structure. It helps the customers navigate properly, so whenever they want to go from the contact us page to the home page they can do it easily. What you have to remember here is that it should not take more than 3 clicks for the user to reach any subpage from the homepage or vice versa. Failing to do so will hurt your brand image and affect the traffic coming to your website.

4. Using breadcrumbs

      We are not trying to be funny here! Breadcrumbs on a website mean the short navigational buttons that help you move around quickly through the website. They are used for a better user experience and also helps you make the SEO structure clearer. Any web design company in Chennai would advise you to use breadcrumbs every time you want to renovate or remake your website.

5. One category per blog post is the best option

 If your website blog uses WordPress software then, it is suggested for you to categories your blogs with different categories. This way it’s easy for you to categorise your strategy as well as reduces the chances of duplicate content. So, if you realise that one category is heavier than the other, you can easily rationalise it without much trouble. Smart right?

6. Make sure to get rid of old content

 Whenever you plan to renovate your house, you plan to discard all the stuff that is not required anymore. Similarly, you have to take care of the old content on your website and make sure you let that go! It could be old information, outdated vocabulary, unedited content or anything you feel is not required anymore. So, take a close look and make sure you get rid of the content you feel is outdated or not required.

7. Learn about your competitors’ site structure

 In business, you should always be aware of what your competitors are doing. You need not follow every SEO activity from the starting, instead try to follow the hack. Try to consider your competitors’ structure and see what all you can take and make your own. There are various tools available online that will help you analyse your competitors’ structure and suggest what can be done to improve it.

8. Keep it simple for people to understand

Google will consider you if you consider your customers. Try to make your website easy to use and navigate. Try to use easy structure and language to ensure your audience can use the website without any trouble or confusion. No one will tell you this, but you have to try to keep your tags and categories simple and sorted. Avoid multiple subcategories just because you think it will give your audience more information. It will rather confuse them and complicate their experience.

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