Biblical Studies: Types Of Careers You Can Make Out Of Biblical Studies


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Biblical Studies focus on studying the Old and New Testament in depth alongside languages such as Greek, Hebrew and Aramaic. On completion of a biblical language degree, the pupil will gain enlightenment on the basic biblical exegesis. This academically focused program opens up an array of career paths ahead of the students which have been enlisted below:

Bible Translator

A biblical language degree adds to the knowledge trove of students in terms of different languages which they can use for translating books into different languages. This serves as the ideal option for people with a knack for languages and can also be a highly rewarding experience.


The staple profession of good old pastor is one of the most popular professions chosen after gaining a degree in biblical studies. Job description of a pastor includes preaching of the biblical doctrine, caring for the church, administration work, performing religious events etc. If a student is interested in undertaking the pastoral role, then they will have to be ordained by the specific denomination. While this career is anything but easy, it can be perfect once you are called into the ministry.


This classic blend of a Pastor and a Bible Translator is entrusted with the work of spreading out the reach of gospel to other cultures. A missionary might have to deal with culture-shock and backlash as they try making their way into new territories.

Business Management or Marketing

While it might initially seem like a strange profession to take up after completing a Bible studies degree, it can actually lay the right foundations in terms of values and morals in the modern world filled with corrupt business practices.


Taking up the job of an educator is common after attaining a Biblical Studies degree. Teachers usually start-off with high-school and move gradually up to the level of a college secretary. A teacher is responsible for carefully creating course materials, grading test papers and keeping tabs over the integrity of students. However, becoming a teacher requires a lot of patience and ever-growing love towards the subject you are going to teach.


A counselor can offer requisite guidance in the event of emotional, relational and personal problems. A Christian Counselor is specially trained for drawing references from the Bible while giving advice to people seeking the same. The counsellors need to lend a patient ear to the problems of clients and this can serve as an excellent career option for natural cheerleaders.


Chaplains are similar to pastors with the only difference lying in the fact that they operate in the church and are responsible for offering support to families and in-house pastoral care. The Chaplains might also perform religious events like funerals, baptisms and weddings on an occasional basis.


While a Biblical Studies degree initially seems similar to that of Christian Ministries, the former is more academically focused having special concentrations like Theology or Biblical languages. A major in Christian Ministries will prepare the student towards a church ministry or pastoral role.

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