Biden informs Netanyahu The United States will not engage in a counterstrike against Iran

Anjali Jain
In this handout photo, released early Sunday local time, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu talks on the phone with US President Joe Biden. Portions of this photo have been blurred by the source. - Israeli Prime Minister's Office

President Joe Biden and senior members of his national security team have informed their counterparts that the United States will not engage in any offensive action against Iran, according to US officials with knowledge of the matter. This is in an effort to contain the risk of a wider regional war in the wake of an Iranian barrage of missiles and drones directed at Israel.

Biden attempted, in a late Saturday conversation with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, to portray Israel’s effective interception of the Iranian assault as a decisive triumph, implying that additional Israeli action was not required.

According to a senior administration official, Biden advised the Israeli prime minister during their phone conversation to regard Saturday’s events as a victory, given that Iran’s assaults had proven to be largely fruitless and had exposed Israel’s strong military prowess.

National security spokesman for the White House John Kirby stated on Sunday that Israel’s ability to avert extensive destruction proved the country’s “military superiority” and disproved Iran’s claim to be a “military power.”

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Kirby told CNN’s Jake Tapper on “State of the Union”: “This was an incredible success, truly proving Israel’s military superiority and, more importantly, their diplomatic superiority, that they have allies in the region and around the world who are willing to assist them.”

According to another US official, Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin instructed his Israeli counterpart, Minister Yoav Gallant, to inform the United States in advance of any prospective reprisal to the Iranian attack.
While American officials emphasized to their counterparts that Israel alone has the authority to determine the ultimate course of action regarding Iran, Biden has endeavored to avert a more extensive escalation of the conflict.

Biden met with his fellow Group of Seven leaders on Sunday to deliberate on a “unified diplomatic response” that prioritized non-military measures to restrict the likelihood of a more extensive conflict.
The G7 members issued a joint statement following the virtual meeting in which they “strongly condemned” Iran’s “direct and unprecedented attack” against Israel and reaffirmed their “complete solidarity and support for Israel and its people, as well as our dedication to ensuring its security.”

Iran has taken additional steps toward the destabilization of the region and runs the risk of inciting an unmanageable escalation in regional tensions through its actions. “This must be prevented,” stated the G7 in a statement.

Following his conversation with Netanyahu on Saturday, Biden issued the following statement: “He informed the Israeli leader that Israel has exhibited an extraordinary capability to repel and triumph over unprecedented assaults, sending a resounding message to its adversaries that they are unable to pose a viable threat to Israel’s security.”

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Regarding whether Netanyahu heeds Biden’s counsel, the future remains uncertain. The Iranian retaliations occurred during a time of heightened tension between the parties concerning the Gaza conflict. The constraints of American influence on Israeli decision-making have been exposed throughout the course of that conflict.

Iran’s choice to launch missiles towards Israel from its territory inflames the protracted animosity between the two nations considerably. Political pressure from within Israel is probable to exert some form of response.

Kirby stated that the initial assault against Israel from Iranian territory did not inherently have to spark a more extensive conflict in the region.
“Neither do we believe it is nor do we believe it must be,” he told Tapper, adding that both the United States and Israel had a clear understanding of Iran’s intentions in advance.

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On Sunday, Gallant issued a warning that the conflict with Iran is “far from over.” During a conference of Israel’s war cabinet, the nation’s response options are anticipated to be discussed in depth.
Hossein Salami, commander of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps of Iran, issued a dire warning that Tehran would retaliate directly against Israel’s retaliation, claiming that a “new equation” had been established.

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