Biden is reprimanded by the editorial board of the New York Post for allegedly speaking “a lie a minute” during a CNN interview on “Fantasyland”

Anjali Jain
President Biden told a "lie a minute" when he spoke to CNN’s Erin Burnett this week, according to the editorial board of the New York Post. Fox News

The New York Post published a scathing editorial this week claiming that during his interview with CNN’s Erin Burnett this week, President Biden uttered an astounding number of falsehoods.
Biden was accused of “lying a minute” by the editorial board of The Washington Post in an editorial that featured an image of the president transforming into Pinocchio.

News organizations, most notably The New York Times, have exerted pressure on the White House due to the dearth of sit-down interviews featuring journalists who are inclined to pose challenging inquiries.

“The reason is evident from Wednesday’s conversation with Erin Burnett of CNN.” Biden told 15 falsehoods in a mere 17 minutes, or nearly one lie per minute, according to the editorial board. “From whoppers about the economy to prevarications on Israel, Biden spun a fantasyland of a presidency that voters know is false.”
The Post then enumerated the fifteen purported falsehoods, beginning with Biden’s assertion that his presidency generated more than 15 million employment.

“Biden’s favorite falsehood, told over and over and over again no matter how many fact-checks call him out,” the editorial committee stated.
“He took office at the tail end of a pandemic that blew a hole in the economy, when lockdown policies wholeheartedly endorsed by Democrats took people out of the office and onto COVID stimulus checks,” according to the report. “He ‘created’ nothing; individuals returned to the workforce following the introduction of the vaccine.” Biden’s policies, if anything, impeded the recovery process; the United States economy failed to recoup all the employment lost as a consequence of the pandemic until July 2022.

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The editorial board of The Washington Post termed Biden’s claim that former President Trump lost more employment than he created a “corollary lie.”While serving as president amidst a worldwide pandemic, Trump did not “lose” any employment. Liberals, meanwhile, were ecstatic about placing individuals on government payments and shutting the world down during COVID. The editorial board stated, “They cannot claim that the job market in 2020 would have been different under a Democratic administration.”

Following that, Biden asserted that Trump would increase the cost of Medicare. The Post noted that the presumed Republican nominee has stated the exact opposite.
Additionally, the Post levied allegations against Biden regarding the economy, polling data, the federal tax rate for billionaires, the impact of “corporate greed” on costs, the disposable income of Americans, taxes, and Israel. According to the Post, the “lie of the night” occurred when the president asserted that inflation was 9% at the time he assumed office.

“Biden persists in fabricating that the United States was in a dire state when he assumed office, when in fact it was already experiencing a recovery — aided by Trump’s Warp Speed initiative, which expedited COVID vaccinations.” January 2021 witnessed a meager 1.4% inflation rate. “Thereafter, Biden embarked on an inflationary frenzy akin to that of a first-year drunken sailor,” the editorial board stated.
Additionally, Biden proposed that world leaders advise him to vanquish Trump on account of the threat to democracy.”

“After Biden has finished napping, are other world leaders genuinely gathering him and declaring, ‘Democracy is at peril’ if he loses? “Give us a break,” wrote the editorial board of the Post.
Fox News Digital received no immediate response from the White House in response to its request for comment.

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