Biggest Upsets in FIFA World Cup History


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The FIFA World Cup is filled with action-packed stories from the past and a collection of massive upsets is no exception. If you’ve been a huge football fan yourself, or someone who knows football online betting by heart, you already probably know some of the biggest ones in FIFA’s history. Here are some of the most infamous upsets in the past.

2006 – Italy vs Germany

This is perhaps one of the biggest blunders in recent memory. Many fans were upset in this match as expectations were high for Jurgen Klinsmann to take home the cup on their own turf. Furthermore, their previous match in Dortmund was a massive turning point for Germany despite the many penalties.

2002 – the Korea Republic vs Italy

This time around many people was shocked when the host Koreans managed to beat Italy in extra time. This is one of the many instances in the sports betting world where the home-field advantage is a real thing. To everyone’s surprise, the Italian powerhouse was eliminated from the World Cup.

1994 – Bulgaria vs Germany

Just when many people’s bet is on Germany’s side, Bulgaria has left the Giants Stadium with a triumphant victory. Germany had a good start with nearly no indication of falling behind. However, in just a span of three minutes, two goals were made by Hristo Stoichkov and Yordan Letchkov – a free-kick and flying header, respectively. The defending champions were shockingly defeated.

1990 – Cameroon vs Argentina

Argentina has got to be one of the most aggressive football clubs at the time. Meanwhile, Cameroon is considered by many online betting Singapore fans as just another club with no-hopers. In 1990, this unlikely matchup shocked everyone with Argentina losing to the opposition.

To further add to the massive upset, Cameroon has lost in the African Nations Cup prior to the tournament and even lost their goalkeeper along the way. Argentina being eliminated in the quarterfinals was definitely one of the biggest upsets in the history of the FIFA World Cup.

1982 – Algeria vs West Germany

If you were asked to tell an underdog story from the past in FIFA’s history, one of the first things that come to mind was the match between Algeria and West Germany in 1982. For those who didn’t know, the first-time qualifiers Algeria has won over West Germany.

The German team was too complacent and they lost to the clear underdogs. They were outplayed with a score of 2-1, where Rabah Madjer and Lakhdar Belloumi were able to secure goals for the whole team. It wasn’t until the latter half when Germany started to take the game seriously. However, it’s a tad bit late already.

1982 – Northern Ireland vs Spain

Another mishap in the FIFA World Cup History took place in the same year of 1982. Spain fell and was defeated by Northern Ireland, considered yet another underdog in the competition. The Spanish hosts didn’t expect that Northern Ireland will survive something of an onslaught from them.

1974 – East Germany vs West Germany

In 1974, West Germany was paired to go against East Germany in the World Cup. To everyone’s surprise, West Germany has won the Cup and they even managed to beat the Netherlands in the finals. The match-up took place 15 years before the famous Berlin Wall would come down.

1950 – Brazil vs Uruguay

Similar to pretty much any football club on this list, there’s always one clear favourite while the other remains an underdog. Brazil winning the whole thing is in a lot of people’s minds. For many football fans, they are meant to win the match against Uruguay.

Unfortunately, this match-up has quickly become one of the biggest upsets in FIFA World Cup history. If you didn’t know, Brazil has won numerous international cups, but still managed to lose against the Uruguayans despite their immense accomplishments and experience.

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