The initial concept behind bitcoin was to make decentralised money that enabled an individual to make peer-to-peer payments with no need for an intermediary (e.g. bank, credit card operator or e-wallet system ) to get involved.

For many, this is viewed as a superb opportunity to keep anonymity and preserve autonomy without dependence on financial institutions.

As of 2018, there were over 22 million bitcoin wallets set up around the planet, with in excess of five thousand”busy” bitcoin users. Obviously, the flip side is that some folks simply can’t trust something which they can not see or touch. For them, the digital revolution is still some way off.

However, bitcoin along with other cryptocurrencies is set to become a part and parcel of everyday life, and also you can trust brands like us along with your hard-earned currencies. That much is evident from our adventures and accreditations.

From the beginning

When an exciting and fresh item of technology comes together, there’s a thing of a”gold rush” to make the most.

However, bitcoin isn’t just some instant whim for the team here at Bitcasino — we have been recognized as the premier bitcoin and crypto casino since way back in 2014.

In those days, every bitcoin was worth approximately $500 (they’re now up around $3,500 after once touching $19,000), and we survived the Mt. Gox disaster to thrive in an increasingly competitive sector.

Can you trust bitcoin?

The attractiveness of bitcoin trades is they are totally transparent. However, that’s not to mention they aren’t well documented too.

Every transaction involving a BTC payment is recorded in the blockchain, and it also needs three confirmations to undergo in the wallet provider, a miner, and from the blockchain itself.

These are generally confirmed in quick time, which means that we are able to ensure lightning-fast deposits and withdrawals. You can’t physically see where payments have originated from or some personal data either, so paying for something through bitcoin safeguards your online security in a way that other payment systems can’t.

Consequently, bitcoin casino gambling is fast, simple and totally secure — what’s not to appreciate?!

Licensed to thrill

If you would like further peace of mind about how Bitcasino goes about our company, we can offer it to you in spades.

To function in the online casino space, you need to get a license from an approved agent, and at Bitcasino, we are approved by the Government of Curaçao, among the oldest and most widely recognized “eGaming” regulators at the business enterprise.

If a bitcoin casino shows the Curaçao permit on their site, it means they have passed a rigorous initial examination in their procedures, and continue to be audited and monitored by the authority. In short, this ensures that complete compliance is maintained — and provides gamers complete reassurance that Bitcasino is lawfully required to adhere to the most rigorous standards of quality.

Accepted by the industry

We’ve secured high ratings with a number of independent review websites, not least AskGamblers — arguably the leading authority on the internet casino space.

AskGamblers has awarded us with its much-revered Certificate of Trust, a guarantee of quality and a indication of the confidence that we are going about our company in the best possible way.

The key to the Certification of Trust is the fact that it’s simply handed out to brands that have delivered repeated exceptional customer service — going above and beyond to make sure that any disputes are dealt with immediately and efficiently. AskGamblers has been called the”world’s greatest casino website” in the iGaming Business Awards in the past and has featured in many international publications. It has regained an astonishing $16m for the clients from rogue casinos, and the company is widely recognized as the leading impartial moderator of this industry globally. Therefore, it is possible to forgive us to be rather pleased with the fact that we are among the few bitcoin casinos to be fully approved by AskGamblers!


No matter what business you operate in, there’s nothing really like gaining the credit of your coworkers, therefore we’re delighted to become a three-time nominee at the EGR Awards, which are kind of like the Oscars for your internet gambling world.

The object of the EGR Awards is to”reward B2C operators to set the standard in groups which range from customer support to social obligation, with awards across all verticals”. At Bitcasino, we must be doing something right, because we have been shortlisted for a trio of different prizes through the years. Back in 2016, we were nominated for the”Rising Star” category, which was won by such luminaries in the online gambling industry as Colossus Bets, among others.

The next year, we had been recognized in the”Slots Operator of the Year” category, which was recognized for our”operational excellence, customer focus and strong growth over the past year”. In 2018, we had been nominated for an award that is actually near our heart. The EGR Awards recognized our decision to be the greatest by nominating us into their”Innovation in Casino” category, which was a real feather in our cap.

To be recognized on three different occasions because of our mission of providing an exceptional gaming experience that goes beyond the standard is something that people at Bitcasino are especially pleased with.

Powered by Coingaming

These men provide the software that powers the site, plus they deliver big time on their promise to”provide an enjoyable, fast and fair gambling experience”.

Coingaming provides the financing for a lot of the major bitcoin and crypto casinos on the internet, and it’s capable of giving a massive assortment of table games and a lot more. Whether you are a fan of online blackjack, blackjack, baccarat, poker or whatever else for that matter, you will discover it in Bitcasino courtesy of Coingaming. Coingaming has helped us to create our live dealer, where you could put your bets on a wide variety of games in live working casinos, without needing to leave the comfort of the couch.

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Now, Bitcasino supplies a library of more than 1,000 casino games, and for further peace of mind, these include names sourced from the industry’s premier software programmers, such as NetEnt, Microgaming, Betsoft, Evolution Gaming, and more.

The Bitcoin Foundation

In Bitcasino, we truly believe in the transformative power of bitcoin. It’s money that’s here to stay, and one that will continue to change how most of us pay for goods and services in the future. Indeed, we are such believers in it that we are a silver part of the Bitcoin Foundation.

This can be an organization that coordinates the efforts of this bitcoin community while promoting awareness of their currency and its advantages to individuals and companies. There are lots of diverse stakeholders in bitcoin, and unlike most currencies and monetary institutions, there’s no governing power that is solely responsible for this.

The Bitcoin Foundation is just a conduit that helps to build communication and bring together bitcoin owners, aiding cooperation, and helping develop the currency as a strong solution to”fiat”. Reliable casino gaming? You have it!

Hopefully, after reading this article, you agree that the future of bitcoin casino gaming is an exciting one. Some sections of society may be naturally distrustful of a currency that does not have any physical individuality,and that is understandable. But, bitcoin does have a paper trail that ensures that transactions are completed effectively and safely while maintaining your personal details protected and hidden from prying eyes an unfortunate complication of using other forms of online payment.

At Bitcasino, we know that you want a high-quality casino gambling experience, and we know that you want to feel assured your bitcoin wallet is totally safe. Remember, we are fully licensed to operate within internet casino gaming, and our providers are always monitored by a variety of organisations. You may try your hand in a variety of our games without parting with any of your BTC or ETH — simply load up our names in”free play” mode.

Once happy, you can enroll for a brand new player account at Bitcasino. We’re convinced you will enjoy an exceptional gaming experience with us!

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Words: Sean McNulty
Images:Shutterstock and Bitcasino

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