Why You Should Start Your Own Blog in 2021


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If you’re planning or even merely thinking about creating your own blog or website, you’re in the right place. And even if the whole thought never crossed your mind, you’re also in the right place, and you are about to know why. We will discuss all “Blog ideas” in this article.

It is 2021, and everyone has either started or is planning on starting their blog. However, if you are not sure why you should have your own blog, we will list down some ideas for blogs.

Blog ideas

The possibilities are countless; even though we will list down some ideas, it does not mean you have to stick to any of them; you have a whole world in front of you, and there is no limit.

Book blog

One of my favourite ideas is creating a book blog. This is where bookworms can connect with each other. You can share your reviews, thoughts, and original pieces of writing on your blog. In addition, you can get constructive criticism on your writings and can refine your writing skills.

K-pop blog

Not to be repetitive, but this has to be one of my favourite ideas as well. K-pop is everything nowadays. You can connect with people who love and support your idols; you can share thoughts, photos, content, and what have you.

A K-pop blog is the new trend. Instead of being limited by certain social media platforms, you can have your own platform with your custom blog feed format that fits the style of your idol.

Fitness blog

Nutritionists and anyone who is interested in fitness will find this idea very intriguing. You can have your own blog where you can connect with other athletes who can benefit from you and can share their own wisdom with you.

Astrology blog: a good Blog ideas

This is for all the astrology lovers out there. You can start a blog to talk to people and share your thoughts on astrology and all about zodiac signs. Trust me, there are at least thousands of people out there who would be more than happy to read your blogs.

Where to start

Even if you know nothing about how to start a blog, after reading the next few lines, you will become an expert.

  • Pick your idea. As we have mentioned before, nothing limits you. The sky is your point of view; show your creativity.
  • Pick a name for your blog. This step becomes easier after you have picked your idea.
  • Find a good hosting service. There are many web hosting services on the market that will do the job. We recommend DreamHost, as they offer the best services for the most affordable prices.
  • Create and design your website. Don’t worry much about this step because with WordPress, you will have countless templates to choose from and to customize.
  • Go online and post your first blog. This is where the fun starts. You have your own website, so start having fun.

After seeing all of the tempting reasons to start your own blog, you have no excuse to keep postponing it. Pick your idea and start your blog now.

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