How to Wear a Bold Necklace


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While a bold necklace can catch your eye and be in your cart almost instantly, most people will be a little more reluctant to actually wear the piece, especially if it’s the first type of statement jewelry they’ve owned. It’s easier than you might expect, though, to embrace bold necklaces and let them serve as the show-stoppers they’re meant to be.

All it takes is the right piece, a complimentary outfit, and some thought-through accessories. With these simple factors crossed off your to-do list, you’ll be ready to show off that statement piece with a smile. 

Choose the right necklace. 

The point of a statement necklace is to showcase a bit of your personality. You shouldn’t just pick up the first chunky necklace you come across—it’s meant to be something special. If certain best sellers speak to you, that’s great. If not, you can look for something more unique. You might even go so far as to create a custom necklace that can’t help but show off who you really are. In any case, you‘ll find that the right choice of the necklace will transform how you feel about something so bold. 

Pick the proper neckline. 

Bold Necklace

When you’re finally setting out to wear your bold necklace, you need to put thought into your clothing and accessories, too. The neckline of your dress or shirt, in particular, must work with your necklace. For example, if you’re wearing a collar necklace, you might turn to a classic crew neck. A deep plunge will work with a long chain, while your favourite choker calls for an off-the-shoulder blouse. In short, your neckline and necklace should balance each other out, coordinating blank space (in this case, skin) and the bold statement that is your chosen necklace. 

Balance out the bold. 

Bold Necklace

Your neckline isn’t the only space in which your statement look could use a bit of balance. For instance, you need your outfit to step back into the background, acting like a wallflower to your necklace’s drama queen. If your jewelry is brightly coloured or elaborate, you don’t want your outfit to be competing for the spotlight. The same is true of your other accessories, too. Of course, you can display your sense of self with your other jewelry. Still, your statement necklace should be the star of the show. That chunky gemstone necklace doesn’t want to fight against an eye-catching print in your top or a bright bangle on your wrist—that balance is crucial. 

Organize your look


Beyond the essential balance required for your look, your look should be organized in other ways. Consider, for instance, if your big bold bead necklace is bright blue. If your outfit is in conflicting shades, you’ll still make a statement, but it might not be the sort of statement you’re hoping to make. So instead, make sure your colour scheme is coordinated, choosing colours that complement one another just as much as the patterns and styles you’re selecting to accompany your new chunky necklace. 

Closing Notes

Once you’ve set yourself up with the right colours, more toned-down details, and a neckline that works with your necklace of choice, you’ll inevitably find that the gemstone or crystal necklace that’s been waiting for oh-so patiently on your vanity can finally coordinate with a fabulous look. Knowing how well these pieces work together, you’ll have no choice but to feel confident in this look. With that degree of confidence, you’ll be as bold as the beads of your chunky necklace, vivid and ready to take on the day. The right colours, patterns, and pieces can ensure you’re looking as good as you feel—and you’ll feel pretty darn good. 

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