Boost Up Your Career Opportunities With Growing Demand for AWS Certifications


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It is witnessed that the COVID-19  pandemic caused massive disruption to businesses around the world, so the adoption of cloud computing accelerated over the last year. It is becoming popular day by day as it offers data recovery, flexibility, easy access, low maintenance, and a high level of security. Therefore almost all businesses desire to innovate quickly with agility and to align costs with demand in this uncertain time. As a result, there is a high demand for cloud computing professionals, especially those who hold reputed certifications such as AWS Cloud Architect Certification.

Cloud computing is not just an application that people can use to store their videos and pictures online but is also a part of the business model that is taking the world by storm. Cloud computing is beneficial for both large businesses and small/medium-size businesses. They can work with major cloud providers and get every service perk they require. It is all possible in our daily work that information is no longer contained in any physical hard device or server. So it has transformed several companies. Many businesses are willing to change their existing operations to the cloud and the benefits of the cloud mean the transition is worth it.

This article is going to tell you about the growing demand for AWS certifications that can help you boost your career in the rewarding field of cloud computing.

What Is AWS?

AWS stands for Amazon Web Services and is the world’s most widely adopted cloud platform. It is an evolving and comprehensive platform that includes a combination of IaaS ( Infrastructure as a Service), PaaS ( Platform as a Service), and SaaS ( Software as a Service) offerings. AWS is offering moreover 200 fully-featured services from data centers worldwide. It is becoming very essential for all as it provides several organizational tools like database storage, compute power, and content delivery services.

Through AWS, several startups, largest enterprises, millions of customers, even leading government agencies, are lowering costs, innovating faster, and becoming more agile.  AWS is a frontrunner to other cloud computing platforms such as the competitor Microsoft Azure. It is growing and spreading rapidly as it brought in a record $14.8 billion in net sales recently, accounting for almost 13% of Amazon’s total net sales.

AWS is a leading cloud platform that has more features with many services than any other cloud provider. It can support machine learning and artificial intelligence, data lakes, the Internet Of Things, and analytics. AWS provides faster, efficient, and easier cloud services that can help you build anything you can imagine. The main attraction of AWS services is that it is known as the largest community of thousands of partners and millions of active customers globally. It provides the most flexible and secure cloud computing services that can satisfy the security requirements for global banks, military, and other high-sensitivity organizations. AWS supports almost 90 security standards and compliance training certifications, and all 117 AWS services that can store customer data.

Give Your Cloud Career a Boost with AWS Certification

“AWS certifications keep you ahead of the competition for many higher and reputed job roles in the cloud computing world.”

In today’s advanced competitive era, it is necessary for every fresher and existing cloud professionals to get updated with new tools and technologies. So it is the right time to gear up your career with AWS certifications. One can enhance their career with these certifications as there are many advantages one can get with numerous functionalities.

The new facts are coming out after this tough situation of the COVID-19 pandemic, IT careers have recently seen a formidable growth in the variety and number of cloud-based job roles. Therefore also the demand for AWS certification has increased. These certifications are considered as one of the industry-recognized benchmarks for cloud expertise in several domains of cloud computing.

If we talk about stats, the interesting fact is that AWS owns almost one-third of the public cloud market and about 40% of cloud-based platforms use Amazon’s servers and these figures are quite enough to get motivated to become an AWS Certified professional.

AWS certifications can increase your employability and make your progress strong in your career path. These certifications are designed to validate your in-depth specialist understanding and comprehensive experience. AWS certified professionals are well worth the effort as certifications make them confident working in a production environment. Earning a certification can help you compete when it comes to landing the best AWS jobs in the IT market. It is useful in building out your knowledge and showcasing it to potential employers.

In the current market situation, it is witnessed that there is a high demand for AWS professionals, but the supply is short. AWS certifications such as AWS Certified Solutions Architect (Associate) and AWS Certified Developer (Associate) can help you seize on this opportunity further as these certifications are common among AWS professionals.

As we know that any certification plays a vital role to boost the curb appeal, so are AWS certifications. Many employers also agree that certifications make the hiring process easier and fairer. AWS certification helps showcase employees’ technical skills and make their resumes more attractive in front of any employer. Almost all employers are seeking candidates who are committed to their work, have a keen interest to stay ahead of the curve, and have invested in their personal development so achieving an AWS certification demonstrates these skills perfectly.

Another reason to pursue an AWS Certification is that it is helpful in increasing your market value. These certifications not only help you to land a career but can also give you bigger job roles and paychecks. Stats show that almost 47% of AWS certified professionals received a pay rise and those who earned a raise post-certification reported an average salary hike of around 28%.

The big advantage of AWS certifications is they help you get access to many more job roles as AWS is the undeniable leader in cloud computing. It is dominating the public cloud sector and continuing to grow at a rapid rate. So there are many opportunities you can get in this field with any of AWS certifications and skills.


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