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Overview: Bundi, Rajasthan

Tourism in Bundi, Rajasthan, India is growing at an incredible rate and is considered to be one of the best destinations for tourism in India. It has emerged as one of the premier destinations for travel and tourism in India and it is attracting tourists from all over the world. The beautiful scenic surrounding, the charm of the heritage buildings, and the historical forts and palaces have all combined to make this town a prominent destination in Rajasthan, India. It is also one of the most popular places for holidays in Rajasthan.



Bundi lies on the outskirts of Jaipur, the capital city of Rajasthan. It is also known as the Camel City because of its numerous caravans and camel routes. The town has been a tourist attraction since ages. The fort of Chittorgarh was here before the British. It later became the stomping ground of Maharaja Jai Singh, who used it for his summer residence.

Bundi Travel Guide

Popular Attractions

The most popular attractions in the town are Chittorgarh Fort, Umaid Bhawan Palace, Ajmer Dargah, Ranthambore National Park, Birla Temple, Umaid Bhawan Palace, Mandore Gardens, Pushkar Temples, etc. Tourists coming to the town to enjoy the tourist spots will have a blast exploring all these interesting attractions. The town has various beautiful tourist spots to visit and explore such as: The Camel Breeding Farm & Research Centre, Junagarh Fort, Birla Temple, Pushkar Temples, etc. Tourists can also have a look into the caves and tombs of Rajput rulers.

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The gem and diamond industry has given a boost to Rajasthan tourism. Since last few years, Rajasthan tourism has been getting high investments. Rajasthan State is one of the largest states of India and its tourism is one of its top tourist attracting destinations. A large number of tourists from the world come to Rajasthan to explore its rich culture and tradition. The gem and diamond industry has made a lot of achievements in this state and this is why tourists in Bundi opt for tour to Rajasthan, especially during the golden triangle tours.

Bundi Rajasthan: The Bucket List Tales, Bundi Itinerary

Tourist attractions of Rajasthan

While exploring the various tourist attractions of Rajasthan, the tourists can have a look at the many gems and jewellery industries of the state. The famous jewellery of the state is made out of beaded beads, gold, silver and diamond. The most important cities and towns of the state are Jaipur (the capital city of Rajasthan), Udaipur (also known as the City of Lakes and Palace), Jodhpur (also known as the Sun City), Bikaner (the Camel City), Ajmer (the Golden City), Mount Abu (the Camel Resort), Chittorgarh (the Golden Fort), Pushkar (the City of Temples), Jodhpur, Bikaner and more. These cities are the major attractions for tourists coming in for tours to Rajasthan.

Rajasthan is one of the few places in India where you will find several world famous temples. There are several such places, which are popular among tourists from all over the world. There are several Hindu temples located here, most of them are major attractions for tourists in Rajasthan. Some of the most prominent and well-known temples in this state are Lord Brahma Temple at Bicholim, Tirupati Temple, Savitri Temple, olithai Manthan, Pushar Nagar Temples, Kanmaya Temples, etc.

Tourists from all over the world come to Rajasthan for tours and to see the beautiful palaces and havelis. Some popular and world famous tourist attractions here are Amber Fort, City Palace, Lake Palace, Junagarh Fort, Udaipur Zoo, Chittorgarh Fort, Samode Palace, City Palace Jaipur, Umaid Bhawan Palace Jaipur, Udaipur Fort, Chittorgarh Fort, Jaisalmer Fort, Samode Palace, Umaid Bhawan Palace Jaipur, Pushkar Temples, City Palace Jodhpur, Chittorgarh Fort, etc. This list gives you a fair idea about the grandeur and splendor of Rajasthan tour and tourism in India. There are several other important and popular tourist attractions in this state like Camel Safari, Desert National Park, Jaigarh Fort, Keoladeo Ghana Museum, etc.

Golden Triangle Tourist destination of India

Bundi is a small state of Rajasthan located in the Eastern part of India. It is also called the Golden Triangle Tourist destination of India, being home to prominent tourists attractions of Rajasthan like Junagarh Fort and Bikaner Fort. It is also famous for its blissful hill stations and wildlife. Some popular tourist destinations in Bundi include Alwar, Chittorgarh, Bikaner, Sonmarg, Shimla, Mount Abu, etc. The state is also famous for its handicrafts, jewelry, and silk handicrafts of Rajasthan.


Why is Bundi famous? : Bundi Famous For Its Scenic Beauty

Why is Bundi famous? The reason many people consider Bundi to be the most photogenic tourist destination in India, apart from the lovely beaches of Andal Pradesh, is that it attracts thousands of visitors every year. Bundi enjoys unparalleled popularity as one of the most charming and beautiful hill stations in the whole of north India. The beautiful scenic charm of this hill station has been attracting visitors ever since the 9th century when it was discovered by the Portuguese, who were then the most prosperous colonizers of the Indian subcontinent.

Bundi is a small town that is located on the banks of the sacred River Ganges. Its location makes it an ideal tourist destination for all those fascinated by natural beauty. It is a small town with a population of only around five hundred but this number is always exceeded due to the influx of tourists. The Bundi Hill Station Hotel is one of the most popular tourist hotels in the region, which attracts a large number of foreign tourists every year. However, the best time to visit this place is from October to March or from April to September, as the weather in Bundi is not too warm.

Is Bundi Worth Visiting?

Is Bundi worth visiting? It is a beautiful, charming city located in the Eastern Ghats of South India. The city is famous for its beautiful beaches, breathtaking backwaters, picturesque palm fringed beaches, breathtaking hill stations, etc. Tourists from all over the country visit this city to spend their leisure and rejuvenate themselves after their grueling tour schedule of South India.

When we talk about the tourism industry in Bundi, people get obsessed with what tourists’ attractions are in the town. In the recent years, more accommodation options have come up in the city. There are hotels, guest houses, serviced apartments and self-catering cottages available for tourists. The most important thing that tourists’ visit in Bundi is the beauty of the place. Sun, wind and sand – this place is simply the best.

In the recent years, several ‘theme parks’ have come up in the city of Bundi. Some of these theme parks are ‘Thiruvallam’, ‘Bundalaskett’, ‘Kemeder’, ‘Chalappuzha’ and so on. All these places are popular among tourists’ attraction. So, it’s not doubt that is ‘worth visiting’ a place like ‘Bundi’. The other major attraction is the fort ‘Vithala’. It was used by the British during their rule in India and is now one of the most attractive museums of the state.

Is Bundi a City?

Is Bundi a city or a district? The name Bundi is derived from a Sanskrit word that means “Banding of a river”. The river that forms the source of the stream of Budi flows through several districts in Rajasthan. So the name of the district itself is derived from a linguistic mistake.


The other most important town in this district is Jaisalmer, the capital of Rajasthan. The other most significant towns that you may come across while traveling through the region are Bikaner, Chittorgarh, Chhapur, Mandawa, Pushkar, Jodhpur, Bhopal, Aurangabad, Jodhpur, Aurangabad, Hyderabad, etc. These towns form the major part of Bundi Rajasthan.

Bundi being located in an open desert and surrounded by high walls and jungles makes it an ideal place to dwell and relax. It is a land of oases and lakes where you can enjoy time with your family. If you plan to visit this region then you should make your flight to Rishikesh in the first week of September to schedule your stay here. As the weather is not suitable for traveling then traveling by Jeep or a camel will be the best options. There are numerous hotels in and around the region, you can choose from. The hospitality of the people living in Bundi is beyond any comparison.

How Far Is Bundi Rajasthan From Jaipur?

A trip to Rajasthan, the land of majestic palaces, isn’t complete without a stop at the famed Jaipur travel agents. The pink city, affectionately known as the Pink City of India, is the capital and largest city of Rajasthan. Founded by Raja Sawai Jai Singh II, it is one of the most beautiful cities in the world with countless ancient monuments, museums, temples and other monuments around it. A trip to Rajasthan is incomplete without a visit to this marvelous city.

Itineraries of travel agents in Jaipur suggest a trip to Jaipur should be made in the month of September/October. This is the dry season for the city, which makes for a pleasant and comfortable Rajasthan travel experience. It is also considered to be the “golden” season in the state as the weather remains pleasant during this time of the year. Travel agents in Jaipur advise tourists to travel during off-season as the city experiences less traffic and the climate is friendlier. October and November are considered to be the “peak seasons” for touring in the state as both the temperature and rainfall stay high.

Another popular attraction of travel agents in Jaipur is the Amber Fort. The fort was built over 15th century by Raja Jai Singh II who later became the King of Jaipur. A trip to the Amber Fort is incomplete without a visit to its grounds and the Samode Palace, which are also located inside the fort. Tourists can also see the Buland Darwaja, the only palace that belongs to Raja Jai Singh II and is open to the public.

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