North Charleston mayor Reggie Burgess to take the oath of office following historic election

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Burgess to be sworn in as North Charleston mayor Tuesday

On Tuesday, a new era will commence in the City of North Charleston, which will have its first mayor in thirty years assume office.

Reggie Burgess, the former North Charleston Police Chief, will take the oath at the Charleston Area Convention Center at 6:00 p.m.

Eight weeks precisely after the November 7 election, in which Burgess received nearly 59 percent of the vote, the ceremony will take place. His triumph as the first African American elected to govern North Charleston marked a significant turning point in the city’s history.

Burgess has prior experience with leadership within his community. He announced his candidacy for mayor earlier this year, at which point he resigned as police superintendent. However, in his capacity as chief, Burgess oversaw a workforce exceeding 400 individuals and a budget exceeding $40 million.

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“The only reason I’m glad I stayed home is because everyone here wanted me to remain at home.” Furthermore, I served as a police officer in my hometown community, and now the populace is urging me to lead the government. On the evening of the election, he stated, “With the people, it’s about the people; not a single department, but every department.” “And the only thing my family asks of me is to continue serving the public.”

Throughout his campaign, he frequently positioned himself as a “man of the people” who desired to address public safety concerns, infrastructure improvements, and the general welfare of the city’s inhabitants, in keeping with his pledge to service.

Burgess stated that he intends to prioritize public safety, fiscal stability, and public services throughout the transition phase of his administration. He also pledged to be a leader who accepts responsibility.

On Sunday on WCBD’s ‘2 The Point,’ Burgess stated, “I can guarantee [North Charleston residents] this: I might not be able to fix it, but I will listen to you and do my best to find a way to rectify the issue or consider going in a different direction to assist someone.”

Keith Summey, the incumbent mayor of North Charleston, opted against running for re-election in order to allocate additional time towards his family. Summey, the incumbent mayor of North Charleston, sponsored Burgess’ bid for mayor in 2024 and assured a smooth transfer of authority for the former police chief’s inauguration.

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Beyond a change in the mayor’s office, North Charleston will experience additional leadership transitions in 2024.

The November 7 election witnessed the contestation of all ten city council seats, five of which were devoid of incumbents vying for re-election. During Tuesday’s ceremony, the entire slate of city council members will also be sworn in.

Mike Brown represents District 1, Rhonda Jermone represents District 2, Sandino Moses represents District 3, Dr. Charmaine Palmer Roberts represents District 4, Jerome Hayward represents District 5, Nefertiti Brown represents District 6, Brandon Hudson represents District 8, Kenny Skipper represents District 9, and Michael Brown represents District 10.

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