Can I Sell My Home Fast And Still Get Top Dollars?


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Here in Ohio, houses are relatively cheap – compared to New York or San Francisco. And not just “houses;” life is super affordable in the heartlands.

That’s why we are one of the most affordable states in the USA (the US News Rankings).

So, I understand your concerns when selling your houses fast in Ohio.

The market (and the state) is already renowned for super-affordable homes. How can you get top dollars despite selling your properties fast?

Is it even possible?

Yes, whether you stay in Avon Lake or even Pickerington (just outside Columbus), you can sell your home fast and get the most dollars. You only have to follow the rules.

What rules?

Sell Home Fast

Check them out below!

3 Factors To Consider To Sell Your House Fast On The High

Know When To Sell

It’s not enough to have a beautiful home. Neither is it enough to have your units squeaky clean to get the top dollar when selling.

The ultimate rule to sell fast and high is knowing when to do so.

When do people buy houses? What month? What days?

Now, you might ask, what does time matter? After all, you’re selling to cash buyers?

Regardless of what you think – cash buyers and traditional realtors are still subjected to the market. The demand for houses will always influence the prices.

So, back to the timing. When is the best time to sell?

Ideally, May has always been the cherry for home sellers. But now, even March features incredible returns.

But while May and March are lucrative months for selling houses fast, the prices are only fair. To enjoy juicy offers, wait till April/June. Target the first few weeks when demand is still high.

Pro tip: whatever you do, sell your homes before October. The prices in the 10month downward are terrible.

About days to sell, try weekdays (especially Wednesdays and Thursdays). Those are the best days to get the meaty offers.

Find A Fair Cash Buyer

Like timing, who you sell to is crucial to getting the best deals. And against popular belief, not every cash buyers lowball homes. Only the shady ones do that.

The RIGHT buyer will offer you a great price that benefits both parties. You’ll get the best deals, and the buyer will still make a fair profit on resale.

So, how can you find a fair cash buyer?

If I were you, I’d start from the cash offer timeline. If the offer was too early (say 5 – 15 minutes), I wouldn’t even look at it because chances are that the buyer didn’t take time to research what my property is worth.

I will hold out and sell my house fast to buyers who take up to 24 hours to send a cash offer. That’s the RIGHT timeline to get SOLID information.

Now, you have a fair cash offer.

Done deal; should you sell right away?

Not yet!

Don’t Sell At The First Cash Offer

This rule is straightforward: hold out a bit for the best offer!

Understandably, you need the money urgently. Even at that, don’t cave at the first meaty cash offer. Check other cash buyers – at least an additional 2.

Afterward, pick the best offer – factor in the price and how soon you’ll receive payment!


It’s 100% possible to sell your house fast and get a bargain price in Ohio – or anywhere. To get the best of both worlds, however, you must know when to sell and to who.

And even after the WH questions, you must check and compare at least 3 offers.

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