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Canada in Spring: Springtime is coming, and Covid cases are slowing down around the world. It’s time to start traveling once more! Like many other people that are worn out by two years of lockdowns and restrictions, you might be looking at a getaway when the weather gets warm again. Perhaps some place with big cities so that you can get a taste of fast-paced luxury life. Or maybe somewhere bursting with nature that you haven’t been able to see since you’ve mostly been at home. Well good news, Canada has both!

Canada is a lovely place full of friendly people, breathtaking nature scenes, and more than a few exciting cities. You can take in art, go skiing, or just relax at a remote getaway location.

Ontario is also on the forefront of the newest craze: sports betting. As the time comes to start making vacation plans, here are some things you should consider about Canada.

You Can Do More Than Look At Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls is right on the border between Canada and New York in the US, making it a popular first stop on a drive between countries. The most obvious thing to do is look at the falls from above, but did you know there are many other attractions? There is a cruise that sails the bottom of the falls, a Journey Behind the Falls attraction, and several restaurants with a view.

There’s A Canadian Museum for Human Rights

A relatively newer addition to Winnipeg is this museum. It highlights the importance of human rights through the use of personal accounts. There are also many art pieces on display that show how marginalized people coped with and shared their experience in different ways.

Stanley Park Is HUGE

This giant park in Vancouver is great for nature lovers. It has several kinds of gorgeous trees, extensive walking and biking paths, a rose garden, and an aquarium. In the middle is a calm lake, and the park also looks out upon the ocean.

The Rocky Mountains Have A National Park

The northern part of the Rockies is home to Banff National Park. It has all you could want from a scenic park: snow capped mountains, crystal clear lakes, shimmering glaciers, and calm shores covered in majestic trees. There’s also a nearby town called Banff where you can stay and have a nice dinner after your hike.

Ontario can now offer legal sports betting in casinos and online. The Ontario sports betting apps will soon allow people to bet on games big and small. By the time spring travel begins, the apps will give access to bets on major sports like hockey and football, as well as less common wagers like political votes.

Tofino Is The Perfect Hidden Surf Spot

A small town called Tofino has beautiful hiking trails and great waves. It’s not near the bigger cities, however, making it perfect for a surfing trip or a romantic getaway.

You Can See Polar Bears In Churchill

From a safe distance, mind you, but people often visit the town of Churchill in Manitoba to see the polar bear migration in the Fall. Although some tourists are brave enough to go out in caged trucks and drive up to the polar bear pack!

Old Montreal Keeps The Spirit Of The 1800s Alive

Old Montreal is down by the city’s waterfront, and offers a look at the town as it was way back when. The old-style French architecture is alive and well, and many historic government and religious buildings are available to view.

The Parliament Building Has A Changing Of The Guard

Ottawa’s Parliament Hill retains the construction of 1800s Europe as well, looking very similar to old buildings in London. The guard even wears red uniforms with big fuzzy black hats, and holds public ceremonies when they change in the summer.

There’s A Restaurant On Top Of The CN Tower

Ontario’s famous tower is visible from everywhere in Toronto. Tourists can go to the top just for the view, but there’s also a rotating restaurant that offers views of the city and Lake Ontario. 

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FAQ: Visit Canada in Spring

Is spring a good time to visit Canada?

When is spring in Canada? The weather in Ontario is warm and sunny. But in the northwest Territories, it can be cold. The winter months are ideal for skiing, but it is important to bring warm clothes, as temperatures can fall below freezing. Nonetheless, Canada’s fall is the best time for skiing, as the mountains are covered in snow. During May, the temperature in Vancouver and Toronto averages 17degC.

How warm is Canada in the spring?

The average Canadian spring is between 20 and 30 degrees Celsius, with temperatures ranging from 10 to 25 degrees below freezing. There have been very few springs with no snow in Canada, and those that do have been one- or two-day wonders. However, this year, forecasts for the prairie provinces are generally more optimistic than those of other parts of Canada. The average temperature is expected to rise from minus 10 C to minus 5 C.

Is it safe to visit Canada given the current situation of Covid-19?

The government of Canada has announced temporary border restrictions due to the COVID-19 Omicron strain. If you have the vaccine, you’ll be required to quarantine yourself in a specialized facility until you receive a negative test result. The government of Canada is progressively increasing the number of travellers it selects for testing, while the requirements for travellers who are not vaccinated remain the same.

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