6 Tips to Hire a Car Accident Lawyer in Los Angeles


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Car Accident Lawyer: No one wants to get injured in a car accident, but unfortunately, auto accidents & collisions are not unusual in Los Angeles and can happen to anyone. If you end up in an unfortunate road accident, you have to take steps to protect your rights, as California is a tort state. In other words, if the other driver caused the accident or is to blame for their action, they are liable for your losses and injuries. For that, you may want to seek legal help and advice. If you want to hire a car accident lawyer in Los Angeles, we have a few tips below for your help.  

The actual aftermath of a car accident in Los Angeles is often more overwhelming than the accident itself. If you have sustained significant injuries, seeking medical care should be your top priority. You also have the responsibility of informing the police and filing a report with the California DMV. Although not mandatory by law, hiring a car accident lawyer in Los Angeles can be a beneficial step. If you are looking for reasons, we have enlisted a few below for your help. 

  1. Know the lawyer. You don’t need any random lawyer but someone specializing in personal injury law. The good news is most law firms in the state will be happy to offer a free assessment of your accident case, and meeting a lawyer is your best window for knowing their expertise. Ask about their work profile and if they deal with auto accident cases frequently in their practice. 
  2. Check the reviews. A client is more likely to post a review about a client if they are disgruntled about the case’s outcome. In other words, if a law firm has too many bad reviews, you have reasons to look for other options. You can also talk to the attorney and get a few references. 
  3. Ask about the fee. PI lawyers in LA usually work on a contingency fee, payable only when a client wins. However, you need to know the fee of the attorney and expected costs in advance. The contingency fee should not ideally exceed 40% of the fee. If there are other likely expenses, ask the attorney if they can help with those until you get paid. 
  4. Discuss availability. At times, an attorney will see potential in an accident lawsuit but will eventually pass the case to an associate because they don’t have the time. Make sure that the lawyer you choose is available and accessible. It can take a while to reach a settlement, but you should be able to contact the lawyer. 
  5. Ask about outcomes. No attorney can ever promise an outcome for an accident case, but they can definitely help understand the possibilities. Ask the attorney about the expected settlement and how long it can take to get an outcome. 
  6. You are racing against time. California has its statute of limitations, which allows a limit of just two years to file accident lawsuits. If you don’t take action within that time, your case will be dismissed by the court. When you hire a lawyer, they will work on the third-party insurance claim and prepare for a possible lawsuit. 

FAQ: Car Accident Lawyer

Why you need a car accident attorney?

If you’re involved in a car accident, you need to contact 911 to notify police officials and emergency medical personnel. The police report will help establish fault and liability in the incident. In addition, you’ll need to collect as much evidence as possible. With today’s smartphones, gathering evidence is even easier. You can take pictures of license plates, eyewitness information, vehicle damage, and traffic patterns and intersections. A car accident attorney can sort through this valuable evidence to maximize your compensation.

How a lawyer can help you after a car accident?

When you’re involved in a car accident, you should call 911 to alert police officials and medical teams. The police report is invaluable in determining fault and liability, and can be difficult to obtain if you’re in shock. Also, because your injuries may not be obvious right away, it’s crucial to get a medical exam as soon as possible. Even if you don’t believe you’re seriously injured, a doctor’s opinion is crucial to your claim.

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