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Top Essential and Cheapest Car Gadgets that You should Have in Your Car for the Next Trip

Recently, many people have already erased the idea of flying by plane or even taking a train from their plans due to Covid-19 pandemic and prefer cars for traveling. Long-distance car travel is already becoming a trend and there are some items(Car Gadgets) that you should not forget to take with you to make your trip as comfortable as it’s possible.

So, let’s have a look at the following tools that will make your trip much more pleasant. And, without forgetting that will spend very little extra money.

IOttie iTap Mobile Stand


If you are one of those who uses the smartphone as a GPS navigation system but you do not have a suitable support to carry it, then you know how uncomfortable (and dangerous) it can be. There are hundreds of options, but iOttie brand stands are among the best value for money. The iTap is a universal model that works for any ‘smartphone’ and works through a magnet that does not interfere with the functions of the mobile. It is very compact, light and with a very reasonable price.

RavPower Car Charger

It is a 36 watt charger that has 2 fast charging USB 3.0 ports. The manufacturer ensures that it has a possibility to charge consistently, even on bumpy roads, with its larger stainless steel circuit contacts on both sides. It’s equipped with systems against overcharging, overheating as well as short circuits to safeguard the charging process. It is compatible with almost any mobile, very compact and light. This is one off al time favourite gadgets.

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Aigoss Hands Free


It is a Bluetooth 4.2 handsfree compatible with Android (Google Assistant) and Apple (Siri) voice assistants. It can be used to connect with two mobile phones at the same time. It has noise cancellation technology to isolate any sound coming from driving. It can be used with Google Assistant and Siri to make calls, send messages, or get control prompts. It is compact and relatively light

Head Up Displays

One more essential automotive gadget is a head up display. This device allows drivers to have the essential information in the sight of view while driving, accept or reject calls, control the music, and much more which prevents the distraction and reduces the possible car crashes.

Eyelights definitely is one of the best in the market, not only because of its price/value but also because of its EU certifications, which prove that it’s a high-quality product.

First Aid Kit

This 1st aid kit contains 220 essential items, including metal shears, immediate cold ice, an emergency blanket, and broad range of gauze, plasters and patches. The outer bag is durable and hard to break. It has multiple compartments with additional space to add more supplies when needed. In addition to the mentioned products, it includes antiseptic wipes, butterfly closures, safety pins, finger plasters, first aid tape, eye pads. This is mandatory to have in car gadgets.

IeGeek Vacuum Cleaner

This is an ideal handheld vacuum cleaner for cars(specially if you have kids), very powerful, with 8000 pascals of suction power, with a high-speed 130w turbine motor. It has a washable stainless steel HEPA filter (up to 500+ times). It can be used in both wet and dry conditions and includes 3 different types of accessories to reach any corner of the car. It is not wireless, and that can be a drawback, but in return it promises more power and you will not have to be charging it. The length of the cable is 4.5 m and connects to the car cigarette lighter


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