Planning to Move Your Car: 8 Tips That Can Save Money


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It is essential to save money on anything you purchase. But you can save money on many other things besides the items you buy every day. For instance, vehicle shipping isn’t a cheap thing, but people like to save money on it. And yes, you can save whenever you use car shippers to transport a car. We will discuss “car shipping” in this article.

However, there are essential tips that you’ll need to keep in mind if you want to save. These are tips that could help you avoid getting into trouble when saving on vehicle shipping fees. This article will equip you with the top 8 tips to save you a buck or two without any problems.

Here’s everything you should know.

How are Car Shipments Priced?

Understanding how companies price car shipping is the first thing to do. Once you know this, saving money while getting your car delivered safely will be easy. Well, auto transport shipping costs depend on a wide range of factors. However, these factors are out of the customer’s control most of the time.

The main determinant factor for vehicle shipping prices is distance. Car shippers consider how far your destination is from your current location. Expect to pay a lower price if moving between closer cities and more for distant cities. This is because the economies of scale are higher for longer distances.

Another factor that comes into play is the season. The auto transportation industry, like many others, has a high and low season. The high season usually is the summer when more people look for vehicle transportation services. The increased demand influences an increase in prices compared to the rest of the year.

The type of car you are shipping will also determine car shipping prices. Car transporters consider some vehicles standard, and they charge pretty lower fees to ship them. Others like SUVs, pickup trucks, etc. that require a lot of space are more expensive to move with car transportation services.

Money-saving Tips for your Next Move

Now you know how automotive shipping companies determine prices. It’s time to find the best money-saving tips to implement the next time you want to relocate. Let’s check out some of the best ways to do so. Here’s the first one.

Research, Research, Research for Car transporter

The first way to get reasonable prices is to work with the best. You cannot find reliable car movers if you do not invest your time in researching. The Internet is a great place to start your research. Do location-based research such as ‘best car movers in Italy’ for quick answers and get the best shipping deals.

Start Planning Early Before Car Shipping

Good planning before shipping a car will save you a lot of money. Starting early gives you a chance to check out as many car transportations companies as possible. A last-minute rush could make you agree on any deal that comes your way. You can also change your mind when you have enough time.


Ship in Bulk

People buy groceries in bulk to get more for their money. You can also apply the same principle when shipping your car with an auto transporter. Shipping two or more vehicles with the same company can get you a good deal. It is even cheaper if all the vehicles will get delivered to the same terminal or house.

Be Flexible for Car Shipping

Anything can happen when planning to move your car with car shipping companies. Be flexible with dates, routes, pickup and delivery dates, type of truck, etc. A car shipper’s research may find the initial road impassable, thus deserving a higher price. Agreeing to change routes or dates can save you money.

Get Your Timing Right

You will save a lot of money if you find your car shipping timing correct. As discussed earlier, there are high and low seasons in car transportation services. Waiting for the off-peak or low season to ship a car can be an excellent idea. This will work if you aren’t in a big hurry and can plan for post-summer.

Choose Open Carriers as Car Transporter

Open carriers are an excellent option to consider when looking to save on car shipping. Closed carriers help preserve your car’s look by keeping various elements away. It is also safe for expensive vehicles that attract prying eyes. If you have a standard car, an open carrier, it will save you over 50% of the costs.

Consider Terminal-to-Terminal Transporting

Door-to-door delivery is a convenient option for many people. But then, it can be expensive compared to terminal-to-terminal transportation. Home delivery prices are higher because the car transporter has to move from one house to another. This is reason enough to consider choosing terminal delivery.

Shop Around for Quotes

Never compromise service quality for a good deal with car hauling services. Cheap could turn costly, making it vital to look for top-notch service at the best prices. The best thing is to find as many auto car transporters as possible. This will help you find a reasonable Car Transport Quotes and the best car transportation services.

Conclusion: Car Shipping

As mentioned earlier, car shipping can be a costly process. But then, it is the best option to consider when looking to save time and transport your car safely. This is because there are several tips that you can implement to ensure that you get a good vehicle transportation quote from a car transporter.

This article has discussed how car shippers decide on shipping prices. As discussed, knowing this can help you choose the best way to save money on your next move. For instance, you can decide to change the timing of your move to the off-peak season. This will mean that you can benefit from the low prices.

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