Career After Science:

There is a common belief among the students that taking maths (PCM) in 12th means doing engineering and taking science (PCB) means becoming a doctor, but it doesn’t mean that every child just wants to be an engineer or a doctor. There are many children who want to go to a different field.

Can Become a Pilot

If you are fascinated by flying planes since childhood and want to make a career in this field, then you can also opt for pilot courses. Private colleges also conduct this course. With air travel becoming affordable, the aviation industry is progressing at a fast pace and the need for commercial pilots is also increasing day by day. If you want to fly in the sky and want to become a pilot then this course is perfect for you.

Merchant Navy

This course is a better option in today’s time. In this, you can do courses like Marine Engineering, Nautical Science, Ship Maintenance etc. It is one of the highest paying courses in the country. In this, you get a chance to travel to many countries and also get a chance to serve the country. Quite a few young students make their career in Merchant Navy, it is a favorite field of the students.
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Field of Animation

If you are creative then you can go into the field of animation. Many students dream of making a career in the field of animation after 12th. The field of animation is a very creative and entertaining field. In this, the students get to try something new. In today’s time, animated movies, cartoons are very popular, so there is a chance to do a lot in the field of animation. Till a few years ago, there were only private institutes which offered certificate courses for animation, but now many institutes have opened which offer animation courses and also provide jobs.

Video Game

The video game industry is running on a boost after Corona. Today in India many international and national companies are working in this field. In this field, you will be taught computer language and are taught about graphic designing. A lot of creativity is also needed in this field. The salary is also very good in this field and the future is also very good.

App Developer

At this time everything is going online in the digital world, so the future of app developer is very good. You can make your career in this field by joining app development course. The salary is also very high in this. Nowadays everyone is going to do their business online, in such a situation everyone makes their own app and promotes their business or product, so this is also a very good career option.
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Software Developer

In today’s time there are hundreds of IT firms and it is increasing day by day. And this IT firm gives a good 7 figure salary to its software developer. Amazon, Microsoft, Google all these companies hire software developers and pay good salaries. Nowadays all the banks have also become online and almost all the offices also get their software developed. In such a situation, this is a career that will never have to look back. All IT firms hire software developers and pay good salaries.

BCA is Also a Good Option

If you are looking for career options after 12th, then BCA can be a great career option for you. If you have interest in computer then BCA will be a good choice for you. After doing BCA you can do job in any good IT company and if you do post graduate MCA after BCA then you can make a good career in computer field and can also get high salary job.

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