CCNA Certification: What do I need to get CCNA certified?


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CCNA Certification: Your competence to handle the ever-changing IT ecosystem gets validated by the CCNA certification. The CCNA exam covers networking principles, IP services, security fundamentals, automation, and programmability. CCNA confirms that you have the abilities needed to manage and operate today’s most modern networks. It gets designed for agility and adaptability.

What is the Cisco Certified Network Associate?

To get CCNA certified, you must pass Cisco’s 200-301 CCNA test, then why not find out more about CCNA 200-301 exam. Although there are no test prerequisites, to know the must-have experience before taking the exam:

It is necessary to have one year of expertise utilizing and installing Cisco products and solutions.

  • IP addressing is a must-have skill.
  • Basic understanding of network concepts.

How to Obtain Certification?

A person must pass particular CCNA certification examinations to be certified. They can get pass marks in one of the following recommended reading:

  • Exams for the ICDN1 (100-101) and ICDN2 (200-101)
  • Exam for the Combined CCNA (200-120)

These examinations may get registered directly through Cisco or a licensed CCNA training partner. You can know more about the certification exam.

The CCNA certification examinations get administered by Pearson Vue, an authorized testing partner. Because spots are restricted and get filled on a first-come, first-served basis, they encourage enrolling for the exam at least two days ahead of the scheduled test day.

Registration can get completed over the phone or online. When you register for the tests, you must pay for them. It is up to you how quickly or slowly you move through the certification topics, and it is unique to each applicant.

To pass the tests, the candidate must get an average of 80% or above.

What should I do to prepare for the CCNA exam?

Use the following strategies to keep track of your progress:

When studying for a certification, whether it’s the CCNA or something else, one of the most crucial things you should do is keep track of your progress. It is entirely up to you how quickly or slowly you proceed through the certification topics, and it is unique to each applicant.

Select your materials:

There is no gold standard for the kind of materials you can use to prepare: some people use just official guidelines, while others use only video lectures, and still, others use both. If you can’t follow the video lessons, there’s no use in continuing to watch them and replaying them until you get the topic.

CCNA Certification

Carry out experiments:

Additionally, time must get set out for the laboratories. You either lab a feature directly after studying it or wait until you have gone through all the material and then perform all of the labs once or perhaps several.


If your budget permits, go to a live performance. You are welcome to travel there if it is made available on-site (although most of the training done in 2020 is online).


What is CCNA certification?

Whether you want to join the ranks of Cisco certified technicians or you just want to understand more about the technology behind the routers and switches, CCNA is the certification you need to know. It is a highly recognized and sought-after certification that requires practical experience in networking. Candidates must have a solid theoretical knowledge and be able to deliver answers quickly. You can practice your exam-taking skills with free practice exams to improve your chances of passing.

How Can You Advance Your Career With the CCNA Certification?

The CCNA certification is one of the most well-respected in the business. It might encourage innovation for better-paying employment and promotions. According to studies, having a CCNA certification results in a 20% increase in pay.

How much does the CCNA cost?

If you’re wondering, “How much does the CCNA cost?” then this article will answer your question. It will cost somewhere around $300. You’ll find out the advantages of online learning and which type of learning environment will best suit your needs. For example, an instructor-led class is typically more effective for learning new concepts, and it will help you achieve your goals faster. You can benefit from the latest courseware, hours of hands-on training, and structured lessons. In addition, you’ll be able to use actual Cisco equipment in a free lab, and you can take advantage of that time to try out your skills.

Can CCNA get me a job?

Many IT jobs require at least CCNA certification as a minimum requirement. You can also get CCNP certification, but obtaining that will likely require years of experience. In order to get a job as a CCNA, you should focus on working in help desks, call centers, NOCs, or network techs. These types of positions tend to have high turnover rates, but are also easy to secure.

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