Chicago: 10 Best Things to Do in Chicago


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No matter where you live in this world, somewhere in your heart you wish to travel to America. The States is not just popular due to marvel or DC superheroes but the lavish cities have so much to offer. The most visited cities are NYC, Nashville, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, and Chicago due to the exciting thrill these places have to share. Now here in this article let’s look at the ten best activities that a person can do in Chicago. But before moving forward don’t forget to book a hotel room from The following list of great fun activities which people prefer in Chicago are mentioned below:

  1. Visit the site of the Navy Pier – The Chicago Navy pier is located on Lake Michigan with a magnificent Ferris wheel. The location is always loaded with visitors from all over the globe this is the reason it is commercialized amazingly. People can find total pleasure by relishing delicious food in restaurants over there or the exhibitions and old attractions nearby. 
  2. Walk at Millennium Park – A neighboring travel spot to Lake Michigan is Millennium Park. It is an iconic space for nature lovers who prefer greenery over shopping malls. This is not just a boring park but a place for multi-events like concerts, cultural shows, or the crown fountain wing. 
  3. Get clicked at the bean – People who like French beans in their breakfast will adore this monument. Cloud Gate is a spot for modern architecture which is famously known as the Bean (due to its similar shape).
  4. Glare the Art Institute – At Grant Park, all art lovers find their nest which is the famous Art Institute. It is one of the grand and largest museums in the nation. 
  5. Spend time at the Magnificent Mile – The people who love shopping, eating, and entertainment – A magnificent Mile is just a perfect place for them. There are also amazing places to visit such as heritage monuments. 
  6. Seek the Shedd Aquarium – People who are fond of aquatic creatures are amazed to visit this indoor Shedd Aquarium. It is not what the normal looks like instead, it is huge containing more than 8000 species. The place takes efforts to educate society more about the conservation of marine life. 
  7. John Hancock Center – When the talk is about some US city then how can people forget the skyscrapers? The John Hancock Center is a giant building on the north side of Michigan Avenue. It’s 100 stories high so imagine the view one gets.
  8.  Willis Tower – Sears/Willis tower is iconic for its transparent beauty. It is another popular skyscraper that offers people a transparent glass ledge (Skydeck) to look below 108 floors. 
  9. Enjoy baseball at Wrigley Field – This place is best for all baseball lovers and the famous Cubs played their first game over here.
  10.  Pick the Deep dish – Chicago is famous for the deep dish style of Pizzas where you will find a good chunky slice of taste. Lou Malnati’s Pizzeria, Pequod’s, and The art of Pizza are famous places to enjoy this dish. 

Therefore these are the amazing things people from all over the world enjoy doing in Chicago. 

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