Cleaning sneakers: how do you get them clean again?


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Cleaning sneakers: Pretty much everyone is happy about new shoes. It is all the more annoying when they are completely dirty and soiled after the first use. After the initial protection period for the new shoes, on the other hand, comes the phase in which the owner doesn’t really care. But the shoes are getting dirtier and dirtier. It is all the more difficult to get them really clean again. Sneakers are a status symbol and are currently only in fashion if they look really clean and new. The phase of rocked and dirty shoes is long over. 

Here you can find out all the tips and ticks on how to make your beloved sneakers shine again and get rid of every stain on your collar. Apart from this, you can visit to find a great variety of waterproof sneakers.

Impregnation – Protecting

your shoes from the start Hardly anyone thinks of impregnating sneakers at first. It is more likely that boots and hiking boots are impregnated. This process has many advantages to offer, from which sneaker wearers can also benefit. On the one hand, this protection makes the shoes waterproof. So even a short rain shower can no longer harm you. Furthermore, the shoes are also protected from dirt that has settled in this way. As the impregnation prevents the dirt from sticking, you can simply wipe it off with a damp cloth. 

The impregnation of shoes you can have them done in a shoe store or simply at home. There are various sprays available that are suitable for this use. When using it, it is important that you waterproof the shoes outdoors or in a well-ventilated room. You should also let the shoes stand for a day so that the substrate can be well distributed and set in the shoes.

Impregnation – Protecting

Dirt erasers serve as true all-rounders in the household. They are not only suitable for getting fixtures and glass panes clean again, but also for making shoes shine again. The erasers are simply moistened with a little water and can thus develop their effective power directly. With a few rubbing movements over the shoes, they look like new again.

Baking powder: The all rounder in the household

It is no longer a secret that baking powder is a true all-rounder. It is all the more likely that this product will also make your beloved sneakers shine again. The baking powder is simply mixed with a small amount of washing-up liquid and rubbed onto the shoes with a toothbrush or a rag. The reaction of the baking powder creates a foam. You can simply remove this with a clean cloth after the treatment and let the shoes dry well.

Toothpaste – not only good for the teeth

When cleaning the soles, a stubborn fight is often the order of the day. With a little toothpaste, however, you can decide this for you. You either use a toothbrush or a rag for this. A small drop of toothpaste is usually enough to get the sole gleaming white again with circular movements and is also extra sustainable.

If nothing helps, put it in the washing machine!

Putting the beloved shoes in the washing machine is often the last resort that sneaker friends have to resort to. Many stains simply cannot be removed, despite numerous tips and remedies. The last hope then lies in the washing machine. If you also want to put your shoes in the washing machine, there are a few things to keep in mind. The shoes should be washed separately. This means that no other items of clothing may be in the drum. 

It is also important that you remove the insole and laces before washing and put the shoes in a laundry net. With a little detergent and without fabric softener, the shoes should then be washed on the gentle cycle at a maximum of 30° C. It is best to use a program for wool or something similar. This only has a low speed and washes only at a low temperature. After the wash, you should definitely let the shoes air dry. Sneakers have no place in a dryer! This method is only used as an emergency solution and should not be used so often, as otherwise the shoes can break very quickly.

Removing odors is also part of a clean shoe

With a shoe, emphasis should not only be placed on the look, but also on the functionality. Many shoes, because of synthetic fibers and artificial leather, do not allow the feet to breathe. Everyone knows that unpleasant smells can spread quickly. But there are also tips and tricks against annoying odors. Try it e.g. B. with a shoe deodorant. You spray this regularly into your shoes, leaving behind a fresh and neutral smell. 

Otherwise, you can also put soles in them that promise the same effect. Baking powder can also help here. Simply sprinkle this into your shoes overnight, pour them out well the next day and your shoes will smell like new again! But if nothing works here either, there is again the possibility to put the shoes in the washing machine. Washing your shoes completely removes all smells and you no longer have to worry about taking off your shoes in strange houses!

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