The way the central government came to the public yesterday and told how much the vaccine is available, how much will be available in the future and when it will happen. This should have been done earlier. In Pandemic, it is necessary to maintain dialogue, in which the government was left behind. With better communication, situations like communication loss, confusion can be avoided.

corona crisis: if the vicious cycle of epidemic is to come, the government will have to communicate better

Prime Minister Narendra Modi (Photo-PTI)

In this era of Corona epidemic, public confidence in the governments has decreased a lot. In the hospitals, there was no one to help the timers running for bed medicine and oxygen cylinders when they were needed. In this way a situation of faithlessness has arisen against the government in the whole country, in which the common people feel that everything has gone out of the hands of the government, now they have no support. Such a situation is very dangerous for any country or nation. In the period of epidemic-war or any kind of disaster, the distance between the government and the public can be increased only through better communication. In the same way as the Central Government concluded the vaccination misconceptions by holding a press conference on Thursday, in the same way, due to transparent communication with the public, the opposition and the press, many problems will be solved automatically.

The success of those who deliberately tried to discredit the government will also become doubtful, in fact, all kinds of confusions remained in the country, not only among people on everything from vaccines to medicine, oxygen, corona guidelines, but also between the center and the states. Huh. A lot has been cleared after yesterday’s PC, but new types of confusions will continue to be created everyday. It has to be overcome continuously. For example, the state which is seeking global tender to purchase vaccines from abroad is different from 216 crore vaccines or will be included in it. There is no name for the vaccine coming from China in the Central Government’s list, do the states also have such orders that the Chinese will not be able to ask for the vaccine.

All kinds of misconceptions have been cleared on the vaccine

NITI Aayog member Dr VK Paul said on Wednesday that about 18 crore doses of Corona Vaccine have been given in India. In America, this number is about 26 crores. Serum Institute of India and Bharat Biotech submitted their production plans for the next four months to the central government after complaints of lack of Kovid vaccine. Between August and December, India has 75 million doses of Kovishield, 55 million doses of Covicin, 21 million doses of Bio Vaccine, 50 million doses of Zydus Vaccine, 20 million doses of Novavax Vaccine, 60 million doses of Gennova Vaccine and Sputnik Vaccine. 15 crore doses will be available. In this way, we will have 216 million doses of eight corona vaccines between August and December. Actually, all kinds of things were happening in the country about the vaccine, but no clearance was coming from the government. In the meantime, there were reports from across the country that vaccination had to be stopped due to lack of vaccine. In such a situation, it was natural to create disappointment.

Similarly, on Wednesday, BJP spokesperson Sambit Patra also told many important things about the lies being spread on the vaccine. He told about sending the vaccine abroad, that the lie is being spread in the country that the Government of India sent 6.5 crore vaccine doses abroad for free, while nothing like this has happened. The Government of India sent about 6.63 crore vaccine doses outside India by May 11, 2021. Only 1 crore 7 lakh vaccines have been sent as help. The remaining 84 percent has been sent in the form of vaccine liability, which would have to be done by everyone, irrespective of the government in the country. He also explained why it is important to give vaccines to the countries from which we take raw material to make vaccines.

People get hope after receiving information from the government about decreasing positivity in 20 states

Since the middle of April, India has been struggling with the second wave of Corona, here more than three lakh cases of Corona were coming out every day. With this, by the end of April, these figures have increased to over 4 lakhs. But now the situation is gradually coming under control. The corona positivity rate is now declining in 20 states, including Delhi, Maharashtra and UP, the most affected states in the country. In Delhi, it has come down to 20 percent and there has been a rapid decrease in corona cases.

On Thursday, on the matter of corona cases in the country, Joint Secretary of the Ministry of Health, Luv Agarwal informed that 83.26 percent cases have been corrected in the country so far. Also, there are about 37.1 lakh active cases in the country. On May 3, the recovery rate was 81.3 percent, after which recovery has improved. In the last 24 hours, 3,62,727 cases have been reported in the country.

Apart from this, there are 12 states in the country where there are more than 1 lakh active cases. The number of active cases remains between 50,000 and 1 lakh in 8 states. There are 16 states where the number of active cases remains less than 50,000. There are 24 states / territories in the country, where there is more than 15 percent positivity rate. The 5–15 percent positivity rate is in the 8. Less than 5 percent of the positivity rate is in 4.

The government should also come forward on the availability of Remedesivir and Corona medicines

Just as the government has given detailed information on the vaccine on Thursday, in the same way, the government should keep the truth on the availability of all the drugs used in Remedesvir and Corona. Because the black marketing of drugs like Remdesvir is happening so much just because people do not have as much information about it as they should have. People feel that there is no medicine in this country, that is why not everyone is getting it and black marketing is happening. The government needs to come forward and tell the people that these medicines are being produced in quantity in our country at this time, how much are coming from outside, how many medicines are reaching hospitals and which medicines should be used by Dr. If the government talks openly on this, then it may be that the barley panic about this epidemic is reduced among the people. With this, if the government tells us how much availability of Remedesvir is available at this time, then this fear will be removed from the minds of the people whether their patient will get this medicine at the right time or not. At this time, the condition is that if a corona is getting infected in someone’s house, then it is going to make arrangements for Remedesvir and Oxygen before basic treatment, this is happening to the patients who are in desperate need of it. They are not able to reach on time.

Everyone needs to trust oxygen

The way the Opposition attacked oxygen and the comments made by the Supreme Court and the High Court in its observations and decisions, there has been widespread fear of oxygen among the common people. Although just a day ago, there has been news from Delhi and UP that the consumption of oxygen has reduced, yet in view of the third wave, the government should come in front of the public and put forth their points. According to statistics, India has more oxygen production than necessary. But we have seen before our eyes how many people died due to lack of oxygen. Oxygen started selling in black, people were buying oxygen for their loved ones by paying ten times or twenty times more price. The government should talk about oxygen in front of everyone and tell how much oxygen is there in the country, how much is available to the states, how much is available in the markets. Which patients need it more. How oxygen is being supplied to hospitals. The government should openly speak on all these issues so that misconceptions about the people are removed and panic among the people about oxygen is reduced.

Be pc everyday in the evening like us

Trump used to do PCs in the evening every day in America, last year when Corona was wreaking havoc in America. The then President Donald Trump used to face shame in the White House every evening for this reason, yet the PC was definitely happening. There is no such tradition in India, but the need to do something like this is now in India as well. The number one, two or three in the government or the health minister of the country should meet the press every day with all the information and further preparations, and if you answer the daily troubles, then a lot of confusion will be ended automatically. Trust in the public will also be aroused.

2-DG Corona drug will come to market next week, DRDO to build 850 oxygen plant in three months


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