Ticket booking During COVID-19 Travel:

  • Make sure to book the flight on the respective Airlines website, to avoid any technical delay or flight cancellation.
  • Make sure you check the lab information for the RT-PCR test from the airlines if they have any recommended. Few clinics are ban so make sure you are taking precautions for the same.
  • Preferably from the Airline’s website, to confirm the information quickly and safely.

RT-PCR Test required:

  • Prior to departure make sure you have calculated the 96 hours and performing the test on the same period.
  • Make Sure you have ample time to apply for institutional quarantine exemption. Most likely after your RT-PCR result and the 72 hrs before boarding the flight.
  • ASTAR Clinic is a better option as they are doing with minimal charges of AED 150.

Apply for Self-declaration:


  • This can be declared anytime, recommended to declare along with your quarantine exemption.
  • Self-declaration does not require any approval, you just need to download the soft copy and need to present while arriving in India.

Collect the RT-PCR Test negative report:

  • This is the most important report in this situation whereas you need to carry this softcopy all the time.
  • After receiving your negative report, you need to carry a soft copy all the time with you.

Apply for exemption of quarantine:


  • This is very important for an exemption for your 7 days institutional quarantine, which going to happen in the hotel. In case of failing this activity, you need to bear the cost for 7 days hotel quarantine.
  • Approval is subject to the application queue. usually, it gets approved within 12 hours.
  • You can track the Exemption status through this link: https://www.newdelhiairport.in/airsuvidha/allairports

Register travel to Indian Embassy Abu Dhabi, UAE: COVID-19 Travel


  • This is a general declaration the same as self-declaration, which recommended after the RT-PCR result as you can declare the Test result as negative.
  • This might be informative as Indian Embassy will also collect your information, in case of future reference.

Do the web check-in before reaching the Airport: respected Airlines

  • This is now a mandatory procedure, and you can do prior to 96 hrs for your International flights.
  • Airlines do give the form while doing the bag checking as a normal declaration for safety and their internal terms and condition.
  • Make sure to apply for an alias or window seats to avoid wearing PPE Kit.
  • This might be my personal suggestion to avoid the un-necessary PPE kit, choose wisely your seat while web check-in. make sure you have chosen the alias or window seat and avoid choosing the middle seat.
  • You can have another alternative option if Alias and windows seats are chargeable as you can change the seat while doing the bag check-in.

India situation while Arrival:

Arogya setu App: COVID-19 Travel

After Existing the flight, they will ask to declare the Arogya setu app whereas you need to declare the personal and health details.

Self-declaration submission:

As you have already applied and carry the same soft copy, you can skip the long queue for the same.

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RT-PCR Approval copy: COVID-19 Travel

As you have already RT-PCR negative reports and approval of institutional quarantine exemption, you can directly show this after your immigration for a smooth transition.

Stamp for quarantine:

As you have all the approval and necessary document, they will put a stamp on your wrist to instruct you for 14 days home quarantine.


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