Winter Decor: Cozy Living Room Furniture for the Fall and Winter


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Winter Decor: When crisp autumn air, pumpkin spice everything, and orange leaves make their comeback, the message is loud and clear:

Fall is finally back!

But cozying up in a thick wool sweater and starting each morning with a cup of steaming mocha latte simply isn’t enough. 

Turn your apartment into a cool weather haven with these 13 living room furniture and decor ideas, perfect for the fall and winter.

Electric Fireplace

October and November bring nightly temperature dips, sometimes into the brisk sub-zero territory. An electric fireplace can deliver cozy, radiating heat and a romantic, wintertime ambiance.

The crowd around the fireplace, teeth still chattering, after shovelling the driveway. Or, switch the fire on, cuddle up beneath a fleece blanket, and watch the classic Christmas flicks. If you listen closely, you’ll hear that satisfying crackle!

Textured Slipcovers

There’s just something about fall Sundays and January blizzards that make you want to hole up inside and enjoy modern innovation (HVAC). But the moment your skin touches that leather sofa, it sends chills down your spine.

Add some texture — and natural warmth — to your lazy weekends with a cozy slipcover. Chenille and velvet are both inviting. And, since they’re dirt-cheap, you can sport a desert orange for fall, charcoal grey for winter, and so on.

Wooden Skis

If blizzards, hot cocoa, and fire remind you of just one thing — skiing — why not bring your passion for the slopes into your living room? Hang a set of rustic-style wooden skis on a bare wall, or lean them against the fireplace. Cross them to create an “X” and marvel in your ski lodge-themed living room.

Seasonal Wreaths

Wreaths have been a Christmastime staple since at least the 16th century. But if you’ve ever ventured into the world of Etsy, you know there’s a themed wreath for every occasion — including fall and winter’s arrival!

Hang a massive, fall harvest-style wreath above the living room sofa when apple picking season rears its head. And, when it strikes midnight on Thanksgiving, winter decor is fair game; swap it out for a classy, evergreen one.

Throw Pillows & Blankets

Sweater weather means one thing: 

It’s socially acceptable to whip out matching throw blankets and pillows again. 

Both are an easy way to add a splash of colour to a neutral living room while psyching up for the holidays.

For fall, plaid and rustic orange blankets and plush “Blessed” or “Happy fall y’all” pillows are almost non-negotiable. And, after the first peaceful flurry, break out those red/black flannel blankets and reindeer and snowman pillows.

Winter Decor

Faux Fur Ottoman

Faux fur ottomans are the best of both worlds: 

They keep your feet warm when you’re reclining back and tuning into Home Alone, and they look like a plush snowball from a decorative perspective.

You can also DIY a faux fur slipcover for your ottoman if you’re handy and low on storage space.

For Fall: Rust-Colored & Neutral Everything

Glance outside in late September, and you have a pretty good idea of what fits in the traditional “fall colour palette.” Autumn is all about those iconic rust-coloured, neutral, and warm tones. 

Infuse deep orange, gold, olive green, burgundy, silver, and stone. If you see it in the leaf-filled skyline or on a trip to the pumpkin patch, it’s worth adding to your fall-themed living room.

For Winter: Cool & Dark Color Palettes

When the winter solstice strikes on December 21, it reminds us that winter is quite literally the darkest time of the year. If you’re infusing a winter twist into your main living area, focus on the more sultry, cool, and dark tones.

Think about pine green, raspberry, navy, black, mulberry, and medium-grey. 

If you’re looking for a more uplifting palette when daylight fades, go for bolder colours like: 

  • Fuchsia
  • Cherry 
  • Sapphire 

Themed Candles

If you shut your eyes and take a whiff, your living room’s aroma should remind you of winter and fall scents. 

In October, stock up on pumpkin, apple, and sandalwood candles. When the calendar flips to December, replace your fall stock with peppermint, pine, and vanilla bean.

Bold Rugs

The easiest way to transform a room from a beachy summer look to a cozy autumn vibe is by rolling out a stylish area rug. Whether you’re preparing for scarecrow weather, snowman weather, or something in-between — go bold.

A large shaggy rug in front of your sofa will keep your toes safe from the chilly, hardwood floor even if you get snowed in. And a geometric rug featuring the traditional autumn colour palette will help you ring in that Thanksgiving feast. 

Pine Cones, Garland, & Mini Trees

Nothing shouts “Christmas” as a towering evergreen tucked in the corner.  (Did you know four in five Americans follow this centuries-old tree tradition?)

But if your excitement for Christmas rivals Buddy the Elf, a tree is only a stepped one.

Further steps include:

  • Hang custom-made stockings from the mantle
  • Put mini spruce trees on every visible surface
  • Wrap shimmering garland around the bay window
  • Go overboard on the fresh pine cones

Bonus points if it smells “Christmasy.”

Firewood Displays

Cooler weather brings nightly bonfires. And, crackling flames require fresh-cut firewood. 

A classy firewood display can add a more natural touch to your living room while also leading to the inevitable: 

The satisfying musk of firewood as you’re celebrating the holiday season.


Seasonal lanterns are the perfect creative outlet. Especially if you enjoy DIY projects, authentic winter and autumn decor, and truly modern style.

All you need is a contemporary, black metal lantern (of course, the more, the merrier).

Open the glass door and fill it with pine cones, mini pumpkins, gourds, or a slow-burning candle for dark winter nights. Don’t forget to drape the lantern with evergreen or leafy garland to finish off the look.


Before you leave Pottery Barn or Kirklands with an overflowing cart, think about where you’ll store these items in the off-season.

Are you going to host a Christmas or Thanksgiving extravaganza and deck out the entire house?

Then renting a storage unit is the most logical (though most expensive) solution.

If you only hang the wooden skis and replace your flowery summer candles with spruce-scented ones, easy-carry plastic totes will be just fine.

When September rolls around, break out the fall decor!

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