Are you planning to sit for the Cisco 200-901 DEVASC exam soon but don’t know which skills it measures? Well, in this case, finding and referring yourself to the official test blueprint is a must that can save you from failure. In the blueprint, you will not only see the outline of the topics that the main test is bent on gauging but will also address the vital objectives alongside concepts that the final 200-901 exam will be composed of. Without a doubt, passing such a test is important to your entry-level software development career as it will get you the Cisco Certified DevNet Associate certification, which, in its turn, is a valid proof of your skills in maintaining as well as developing applications that are built on various Cisco platforms. Knowing all these, you can’t wait to see the tested domains of the Cisco 200-901? Then, read on below!

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What Topics Does 200-901 Equip You with?

In a nutshell, the 120-minute 200-901 exam targets to check your knowledge of the following:

Design and development of software

Under such an area, candidates will have to contrast the formats of data like XML and JSON, define the general data format parsing to the Python structures of data, and handle several methods for software development like lean, waterfall, and agile. More than these, here, applicants will get enlightened on the benefits of common patterns for design, version monitoring, and the pluses of structuring the code into varied methods like Observer or MVC. If you are looking to know How long does an MOT take and preparing for this exam you should learn this.

Usage of APIs and their understanding

When it comes to such a topic in detail, expect to deal with the process of building a request for REST API, define common patterns for usage webhooks, find the constraints while the consumption of APIs, and expound on HTTP codes for responses. In addition, you will have to check on the parts compiling the HTTP response, differentiate between the general styles of API, and make use of the API mechanisms for authentication.

Development of Cisco platforms

In the third domain, the applicants will need to showcase their proficiency in building a Python script, overviewing the network management platforms of Cisco, and establishing a suitable DevNet resource that is necessary for a particular scenario. Besides, the examinees will have to know the way to handle model-driven programmability, define the interfaces for IOS XE as well as NX-OS, and operate with the Cisco platforms for security and APIs.

Security and app deployment

Within the fourth measured scope, the candidates will touch on edge computing and its benefits, define the elements of the CI/CD pipeline, build a Python unit test, and learn to use Docker images. Rather than these, they will also be explained to check on the app issues for security and define OWASP threats.

Automation and infrastructure

In terms of this measured sector, be prepared to confer on the device- and controller-level types of management, define the infrastructure as code principles, and comment on the fundamental YANG models. Plus, here, you will be captured on concepts such as a sequence diagram, calls for APIs, RESTCONF query, Meraki, and so on.

Basic networking terms

Finally, the last tested domain in the Cisco 200-901 DEVASC exam looks at MAC addressing, VLANs, routers, gateways, varied IP services, and app issues for connectivity. Additionally, the candidates will need to demonstrate their finesse with network constraints, topology diagrams, and port values.

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Passing an IT exam is a difficult feat that not every candidate can easily accomplish. Still, if you’re equipped with the right knowledge covering the Cisco 200-901 topics, then it’s far simpler to gain the wanted pass. So, prepare the domains highlighted in this article, and clearing the exam in question will be a walk in the park. All the best!

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