Dedicated Servers for Gaming Portals and Big Businesses is a Basic Requirement


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Counter-Strike is one of the most popular first-person shooter games. Right after its release in early 2000, the game has seen tremendous growth and the reputation of being one of the most strategic games ever to be played. It has a huge fan following across the world, and many groups organize online tournaments for this game on a global level. There are many ways in which it is one of the industry’s trendsetters, cashing-on the first-person shooter genre.

Many games like Fortnight are free to play, and the developer company earns through in-game purchases. But Counter-Strike is a bit different because there are many other versions too which offer free gameplay for the fans. One of them is the free edition of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive offers bots that play against you in the offline version. There is another option of tuning into Major League multiplayer matches in spectator mode in global offensive TV (GOTV) 

The Popularity of the Game

First-person shooter games were made popular by the likes of Doom and Half-Life, but Counter-Strike turned it into something of a phenomenon. It made life miserable for office management across the globe to keep a check on their employees playing this game during office hours. Such popularity of the game has made sure that the company applied strict restrictions for its employees. It also started a new problem for the developers of the game in the form of extreme traffic on their servers.

Surely, the development companies anticipate what kind of challenges they have to face in terms of high traffic. But even Valve, the developer behind the counter strike series, was unable to predict how much traffic they would face rightly. And that’s why in the initial few days of making their games online multiplayer tournaments to be held, they faced a severe load on their servers. And in a few instances, their service crashed when they tried to organize a worldwide tournament.

The need for a Counter-Strike Global Offensive Dedicated Server arises as they Look to become a dominant force in online gaming. Valve offered several new versions of Counter-Strike after its initial release in 2000.  and almost all of them got a huge reception from their target market. I will try to explain why dedicated servers are needed to use platforms like online gaming and are must-have requirements for them.

The Need for Dedicated Servers

When Valve offered the initial release of Counter-Strike in 2000, little did they know that the game that they were launching will become a phenomenon in the coming days? Just like this Last Oasis game, there are several websites and shopping portals that get a huge reception in a quick time. So much so that they are overwhelmed to cope up with the pressure, and often, many such websites get crashed because their respective servers can handle the enormous amount of traffic on it. 

Unlike shared servers, on which the data for many websites are stored simultaneously, dedicated servers offer peace of mind for businesses. In this way, a complete server is dedicated to their services so that they can have total freedom in how they use it. For gaming websites and online shopping, this is a necessity as the number of visitors can spike during any time of the day. Companies should anticipate this long ago and not just after their website gets crashed.

Thinking about the Future

Thinking proactively is one of the best approaches for businesses worldwide. The expertise of the top management of a company comes into play here to anticipate how much traffic they are going to get. In many cases, it is very difficult to predict or even anticipate this because of several factors, but this is a factor that must be taken care of. 

A dedicated server is not something very inexpensive and easy to think about. The decision about this must be taken after much research and analysis. Businesses must also analyze what their competitors are doing so that they can have an idea about what solution they must look into. For big businesses and gaming developers, this is a decision that can have long-term consequences. And they have to buy dedicated servers in bulk rather than just a single one for small businesses and startups.

The decision making in this concern needs to be effective and must be efficiently taken care of, just for a moment to think of yourself as the owner of a big company or an online shopping portal. The holiday season is coming, and you are anticipating huge traffic. But you have to make a decision first about getting a dedicated server and web hosting that can offer you the best services. That’s why this is a decision that can make or break a business. So, prepare well before finalizing and signing the dotted line with any service provider. 

Final Word

Whether it is a gaming developer like Valve, which is anticipating huge traffic for Counter-Strike, or a multinational conglomerate having a presence in dozens of countries worldwide, this is a tough decision to make. And it is not just about traffic, but there are also other aspects like security, bandwidth, and disk space so that the customers of any business and a seamless online experience.

A dedicated server also makes it possible for businesses to bolster their online presence and then expand it without thinking about consequences. When you have a solid online presence and also the backing of a reliable source, like a prominent web hosting service, then you don’t have to look anywhere else. This is one reason why businesses can look into the foreseeable future with full confidence and know that they have the infrastructure and solutions to make it possible.

If you think that you can add something valuable to this blog or want to ask questions, please speak up, and I will be more than happy to get back to you. For any feedback too, please use the comment section below. 


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