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Overview: Dell Optiplex 7071

The best desktop to buy in 2020 is  Dell Optiplex 7071. It doesn’t matter whether you are a programmer, video editor, designer or student. You can configure your own desktop with great reliability from Dell. Dell doesn’t provide you option to buy pre-build Optiplex 7071 desktop pc.


You have the power to configure yourself with Dell. If you need to design images, html pages and develop applications and websites. So, configure desktop pc keeping in mind all these constraints. As a user, you shoud have the power and flexibility to configure this desktop PC. It is best dell desktop 2020. 

Optiplex 7071 Tower

So, I configured my Dell Optiplex 7071 with intel core i7 9th generation to give me enormous computing power. My configation includes 16 GB RAM and 256 SSD as primary disk. I have also bought 2TB HDD for storing huge data.

Detailed Specification of Dell Optiplex 7071 Tower In India

ProcessorIntel Core i7-9700 (8 Cores/12MB/8T/3.0GHz to 4.7GHz/65W)
RAM16GB 1x16GB 2666MHz DDR4 Memory
Primary Hard DriveM.2 256GB PCIe NVMe Class 35 Solid State Drive
Secondary Hard Drive2TB 7200rpm SATA 3.5″ HDD
Graphics CardAMD Radeon™ RX 550, 4GB, FH (DP/mDP/mDP)
Wireless AdaptorExternal Wireless Connectors and Antenna
Optical DriveNo
USB 3.1 Gen2 connectors
(USB 3.1 Type A)
USB Type C ConnectorsYes
CabinetOptiPlex 7071 Tower with 260W up to 85% efficient Power Supply (80Plus Bronze)
Power SupplyENERGY STAR Qualified
Card ReaderMedia Card Reader
Power CordPower Cord (EURO-INDIA),6A
Warranty5 ProSupport and Next Business Day Onsite Service Extension
OSUbuntu Linux 18.04
Dell 7071 configration

The above configuration includes only CPU Tower. Apart from this I bought LG 4K monitor and Dell wireless keyboard & Mouse.This desktop PC has built in wi fi. The CPU cost is 85000 including GST, 30K for monitor. This combination of Dell Optiplex 7071 gives premium performance.

This desktop computer can be used for programming, video edition, graphics design and other stuff.  If you want to configure it for gaming, then you must buy a good graphics card, like a RTX3090 graphics card from Nvidia.

Best processor for laptop

For detailed specs – Dell optiplex 7071 Tower details

The 9th gen intel core i7 gives premium performance. It has 8 cores with 12 MB cache size to take care of all multiple tasks. It can be used as content creator too. 

Ports details

Input/Output Ports

There are four consecutive USB 3.0 ports on the back side of CPU. And 1 USB 3.0 port on the front side of CPU. The display ports are there to use as extended screens. You can increase display ports according to your requirement. The memory card reader is also situated in front side.

Know more about Dell OptiPlex 7071 Tower Configration

Processor Supported

This desktop pc support all available processors by intel. The processor generation should be greater than seven. The following proessor can be easily configured into Dell OptiPlex 7071 Tower.

  • Intel® Core™ i5-9500 (6 Cores/9MB/6T/3.0GHz to 4.4GHz/65W)
  • Intel® Core™ i7-9700 (8 Cores/12MB/8T/3.0GHz to 4.7GHz/65W)

Do you want to know about processores? Must read it

RAM Supported

Random Access Memory (RAM) – The environment behind the output of the program is usually referred to as machine memory. RAM acts as a temporary data flow storage facility. This remembers the most common apps, services and records that you need to use them.

Memory speeds

  • DDR4 2666 MHz and DDR4 2400MHz
  • The machine will use up to 3.5 GB of memory for device output (out of 4 GB) utilizing 32-bit operating systems, such as Microsoft ® Windows ® 10 32-bit edition. The remaining 0.5Gb is comfortable for other hardware modules.
  • 64-bit operating systems can use more than 4 GB of system memory and may require 64-bit applications. Most business applications are now designed for 32-bit applications. The trend to 64-bit operating systems will continue, though, as device memory plays an expanded role in program success.
  • Dell OptiPlex 7071 Tower Supports RAM up to 64GB.

Intel® Optane™ memory

Intel ® OptaneTM ram is a device speed solution that is paired with lengthier storage systems like SATA HDD / SSDs to increase the performance to near-PCIe / NVMe Solid State Drive speeds. For faster access using intelligent SW adaptive to improve system performance, the most common files will be stored in Intel ® OptaneTM memory. The hard drive and Intel ® OptaneTM memory are seen as a single drive volume so that a similar standard drive is used. A system with 1 TB HDD and 4 GB DDR adds 16 GB Intel ® OptaneTM memory to provide a more responsive reliance than a system with a 1 TB HDD and 8 GB DDR w/o Intel ® OptaneTM memory.

Optane requirements: 7th or 8th Gen Intel ® CoreTM cpu architectures with 7th or 8th Gen Intel CoreTM and Intel ® Rapid Storage (the main factory when buying Intel ® OptaneTM) engine.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the max capacity of RAM in Dell OptiPlex 7071 Tower?

  • 64 GB

What is Intel® Optane™ memory, and why is it called memory?

Intel ® OptaneTM Storage is a device speed option for 7th Gen and 8th Gen Intel ® CoreTM architectures, respectively. This approach comes with packages, so you can save frequently used data and programs near to the cpu, helping the systems to reach this knowledge more easily and improving network efficiency by inserting this modern processing media between the cpu and sluggish SATA-based storage devices (HDD, SSH or SATA SSD).

Can I customise Dell OptiPlex 7071 Tower in India online from dell official site?

No, you need to call customer care and discuss your configration.

How many days will it takes to get deliver Dell OptiPlex 7071 Tower in India?

It will take minimum one week and maximum 2 weeks.

I hope i have explained most of details about Dell OptiPlex 7071 Tower desktop available in India. Please leave a comment if you want to know more details about it.

Grab more information from Official Site

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