Desert Safari Dubai: Do’s and Don’ts of Desert Safari Dubai


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Have you assembled yourself fully ready to live an ethereal day at Desert Safari? But hang on for a while! You’ll need to go through a key checklist before heading to an alluring tourist attraction in the UAE in order to enjoy an uninterrupted breathing spell there due to any sort of mishap.

We know you don’t want to come back with an unfulfilled desire after finally making it to a dream vacation. That’s why we’ve collected some precautions based on what you should & what never do at Desert Safari Dubai which will be beneficial for you in many aspects to multiply your quality time there along with 4x fun.

If you want to spend your limited time frame in Dubai to the fullest of its sorcery, give this text a thorough read in order to explore the do’s and don’ts which will prove to be helpful in spending a memorable day in the deserted land.

Do’s For Desert Safari

Prepare a Padded Bag of Medications

To every sort of traveling, first aid and medications always remain a must-grab. Hence, you are heading to Desert Safari in Dubai, it is likely to develop from lightest to heaviest of motion sickness or even traveler’s diarrhea God forbade!

As people are exposed to insane adventurous activities there such as quad biking, dune bashing, sandboarding, camel riding, and hot air ballooning; these activities apart from being great means of fun and delight but at the same time people are likely to suffer with motion sickness even if they haven’t experienced it ever before. After all, everything takes place luckily when you are healthy.

Keep as little Luggage as Possible

We all have encountered a basic traveling tip to go as light as possible at some point in life. Well, it’s a real headache to take. We know it is difficult for you to leave the beautiful outfits at home which you had planned to use as props in pictures but trust us you’ll forget about them while having fun. Extra luggage will only bother you while doing adventures and taking rides as you have to carry your belongings yourself and cover notable distances.

Take a backpack instead of hand-carry and load it with some extremely essential stuff such as a water bottle, something to munch, sunglasses, money & keys, and other necessities. Taking limited stuff along will never bother or annoy you during enthralling adventures like dune bashing and you’ll be light enough to enjoy the camel ride. If you have planned a trip to Desert Safari for camping purposes, it’s a great tip in that case too as you don’t have to worry much about safety.

Dubai Asks You to Remain Hydrated

Double-check if you are packed up with enough water or not. Never forget you need loads of water to survive the tough heat of the Dubai Desert. In order to remain stable and to avoid getting dehydrated under the scorching sun, take your water bottle all along to maintain your body’s water needs so that you would not get deprived of enough moisture sucked by the harsh weather of Dubai.

Look for a quick refill whatsoever spot you are at, as this is a clear need that cannot be compromised in any scenarios. The extra amount of water is always better than extra luggage.

Don’ts For Desert Safari

Do Not Pour Your Tummy with Extra Food

We know it is hard to resist when a good amount of delicious and plentiful cuisines are in front of you. Where you need to drink loads of water to remain hydrated at the hot desert safari, there is another precaution you must have to take which is do not drink & overeat. Over drinking & overeating before going to energy-consuming rides will only make you dull and overburdened.

Take a light meal instead at least 3 hours before heading to fasten your belts for desert Safari adventures. As you would not want to dump your precious memories of the Dubai trip into a bin of sickness. Name this vacation to your most cheerful days ever, not a regret!

Do not Hesitate Asking for more rides

Want a never-ending roller coaster experience in an arid place as well? If you are always heightened about action like thrill-seekers, then you must not hesitate your dune buggy driver asking for more rides. The drivers will surely entertain you with the fastest speeds spreading the Arabian sand behind in a dramatic fashion.

Dune buggies are super enthralling vehicles that are a means of terrifying stunting experience for thrill and excitement lovers. Sit back and relax if you are a tentative fellow as dune buggy rides are asked for again and again by insane people!

Don’t Forget Your Camera

The most attractive natural tourist attraction in Dubai must be preserved in the form of photographs apart from being an eternal part of your memory lane. Dubai’s spellbound deserted landscape is the ultimate hub for photography and camera freaks. These people never miss a single chance to click each and every delighted moment they experience here at Desert Safari.

Whether it’s about setting or rising sun, birds flight, wildlife, savage runner vehicles, or mesmerizing golden scenery of the desert safari; you can experience baggage full of temptations fulfilling your knack of photographing Dubai’s most admired place.

Get Done with the Checklist

Finding yourself already excited about visiting Dubai? Good research before heading to a destination is always beneficial. Keep a check on with whom you are taking a ride and what’s around you. It’s a classic method of preferring your safety over everything taught by everyone’s elders since childhood.

So now that you’ve gone through all the essential aspects of Desert Safari’s precautionary measures such as being hydrated, taking medications when needed, avoid overeating, make the most of enthralling rides, clicking every serene moment, and most importantly; picking up light. We hope your trip goes ten folds more amazing than you think it could have ever been.

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