The Path to Reach the Truth Goes Through Discourse


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Since human beings were found on earth, they tried to look for means to talk with each other and interact with their surroundings to fulfill their desires. Human beings are creatures who use communication continuously in all stages of their lives. Therefore discourse will always be the best way to achieve all their goals. Usually, people use face-to-face communication within small groups or might communicate within larger ones comprehensively. Some examples of means of communication nowadays are social networks, blogs, and forums, which give a person the ability to express his/ her thoughts. An example of such a platform is The Doe.

Discourse : Overview

People are different from other creatures in several ways. One feature that makes human beings unique is their ability to talk. When people communicate, they will come together and understand each other, leading to the development of their societies. 

With discourse, people will have the chance to tell more about their ideas and emotions, while they feel safer. In addition, they will share their ideas, knowledge and determine their position when it comes to certain topics. This will affect society positively.

Discourse lets people share both cultures and experiences.

In fact, the dialogue might be a tool that leads to achieving justice between people who are involved in a certain issue that really means to them.

When people talk together they will be speeding up the process of reaching the truth. There are several paths that people can walk through to know the truth, and having no dialogue is surely not one of them.

If people refuse to listen to different ideas, then they will never know how other people think, because when people talk to each other they exchange new ideas.


Dialogue helps to shorten the gap between people and enhance their ideas. All ideas will jump into the scene and create a good dynamism within the society. This leads to the crystallization of ideas and the perception of each individual. To achieve this goal, people should not be satisfied by the existing thoughts, but also welcome new ones.

Recently we realized that the social fabric has collapsed. We can see that the performance of the function of the social system has declined, leading to the weakening of stability and continuity.

The social fabric collapsed: Discourse

The social fabric collapsed due to several reasons such as the lack of openness among people. When human beings attach themselves to a certain idea and refuse to accept other ones, this will lead to a big division in society. This will let a group of people make fun of each other’s ideas! In contrast to that, the second group might support the ideas and benefit from them.

The wrong distribution of wealth might lead to problems that can stand as an obstacle in front of social development. 

The absence of social justice can easily marginalize various social blocks, leading to threatening a society’s stability. 

In addition, generating an electoral project that is based on ideology rather than finding a common platform between all people, might put the unity of a society in danger.

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