Do your business cards make you want to call you back?


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Overview: Business cards

At a time when communication is becoming more and more digital (email, calls, SMS …), the business card / tarjetas de visita in spanish remains an essential medium because it has the advantage of being physically present with your contacts after the first meeting, and to allow them to easily find your contact details.

These few millimeters of paper are an excellent tool to stand out from the competition , and strike the mind of your contacts.

If your appearance and contact with your company are decisive during a meeting, be careful that your business card does not spoil your professional image. !

To be effective, your business card must remain consistent with your overall graphic charter (that is to say your colors, your logo, etc.), so that your interlocutor is not surprised to receive a brochure with different colors, or visit a store with a different brand. If you have several activities, you must therefore create 2 different business cards.

However, a business card should not be a commercial brochure , its purpose is only to remind your interlocutor of your identity and the main services you offer, the famous who? what? How? ‘Or’ What ?
– Who ? Company name, your name (s) and first name (s)
– What? Company activity, your function. If possible describe your “Unique Selling Proposition”, ie what makes your business different from others, the main argument that answers the question “Why buy from you rather than from a competitor”.
– How? ‘Or’ What ? Contact details to contact the company, your direct contact details

Pro tip

– Too much info, kill the info! Your business card is not an advertising insert, get to the point.
– The term “manager” is not a function , rather use sales manager, general manager…
– Do not put your photo on the business card, unless you are an artist and your face is your product.
– Email has become essential, so avoid the addresses,,… and buy a website name (see for example 1and1 with domain names at 6 € / year )
– For companies working abroad, make a card specifically in Englishso as not to mix genres or quite simply publish a front in French and a back in English.

Cara Menendez
Cara Menendez
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