Donald Trump is losing ground in the polls

Anjali Jain

Polling indicates that with less than seven months until the 2024 election, Donald Trump is losing support while President Joe Biden is gaining.
As of April, Biden leads Trump by four percentage points, up from one percentage point in March (39 percent to 38 percent), according to a recent Reuters/Ipsos survey of 833 registered voters.

The declining support for Trump is a recurring pattern that has persisted throughout the year. In January, a Reuters/Ipsos poll indicated that the former president held a five-point lead over Biden (43 percent to 38 percent). Biden’s support for the 2024 presidential election has increased by three points since that survey, while Trump’s has decreased by six points.

Also declining are surveys conducted by The New York Times/Siena regarding support for Trump.
In an April 13 poll, Biden was found to have nearly eliminated Trump’s lead; in March, he trailed by five points. Biden was riding a tide of momentum heading into the 2020 rematch.

According to the April NYT/Siena poll, the incumbent is essentially tied with Trump, with Trump holding a one-point advantage over Biden, 46% to 45%. When the same survey was conducted in March, Trump held a significantly larger five-point advantage, 48% to 43%.

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The office of Trump has been contacted via email for comment. The decline in support for Trump coincides with the commencement of his historic “hush money” trial in New York on Monday.
Upon his presence in court for the trial, Trump became the inaugural former U.S. president to confront criminal prosecution. He has entered a not-guilty plea to 34 counts of felony and asserts that his political adversaries are conducting a “witch hunt” in the case.

The outcome of this trial and other Trump legal entanglements may significantly impact the outcome of the 2024 presidential election between Trump and Biden. Voters may be dissuaded from supporting the presumed Republican nominee if he is convicted of a felony prior to the November election, according to numerous surveys.

According to a survey conducted by Reuters/Ipsos in April, 64 percent of registered voters regarded the allegations against Trump as “somewhat serious,” while 34 percent believed the charges lacked sincerity.
Trump is charged in court on Monday with arranging for his former attorney Michael Cohen to remunerate adult film actress Stormy Daniels with $130,000 in exchange for maintaining the secrecy of an alleged affair the two of them had prior to the 2016 presidential election.

Asserting that the money was reimbursed to Cohen and documenting the amount in company records as “legal fees,” prosecutors contend that Trump attempted to sway the outcome of the 2016 presidential election in violation of the law.

Trump, who has refuted any allegations of an extramarital relationship with Daniels, has lodged allegations that the proceedings were politically driven with the intention of impeding his prospects of securing the 2024 election.

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Certain electors who were surveyed by The New York Times disclosed their pre-November presidential election leanings to the publication. Beth Prevost, 59, a constituent from Connecticut, expressed her opinion regarding Biden as “the lesser of two evils.”

“You can recover from bad policies, but you can’t recover from a bad heart,” Prevost pointed out. “And Donald Trump has a bad heart.”
Danny Ghoghas, a 23-year-old California-based Democrat, stated that he is contemplating abstaining from voting on Election Day in November to protest the president’s management of the Israel-Hamas conflict while supporting Vice President Joe Biden over Donald Trump.

“I really don’t like Donald Trump and would not like him to be in office again,” Ghoghas asserted. “I would vote for Biden again for this reason.” In spite of this, I am unable to conceive of a compelling reason to support his candidacy.
The campaign team for Biden has been contacted via email for comment.

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