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Deciding to replace your windows and doors Markham is challenging, but the hardest part is choosing a window style and type. Replacing windows is an expensive task that most homeowners don’t want to invest in. However, once your windows start showing signs of warping and denting, allow drafts into the house, and have cracked windowpanes, those are enough reasons to think of replacing them.

While choosing a window style, consider factors like how they operate, their maintenance costs, and if they fit in your house correctly. Other important factors are energy efficiency and ventilation. In addition, a very crucial factor in choosing whom to install them for you. Since there are so many doors and windows Markham contractors, make sure to choose the most qualified one.

#1 Single-Hung Windows

These are common types of window replacement Markham units. A single-hung window is characterized by two sashes with only one operable. You push the bottom sash upwards to open. Single-hung windows are suitable for small spaces because they don’t open outwards or inwards. They are easy to install and match many home designs. The downside of this window is limited ventilation.

#2 Double-Hung Windows

They resemble single hung, but these have two operable sashes. The lower sash pushes upwards to open, and the lower one moves downwards to open. With two operable sashes, there is better ventilation.

The window also closes tightly to provide energy efficiency and is suitable for houses with limited space. Double-hung windows are easy to clean because of their movable sashes.

#3 Slider Windows

The slider window replacement Markham units are characterized by a two-panel slider that opens horizontally or vertically into the wall. These windows are very affordable and also a good choice for homes with limited space. Slider windows are also easy to install, and some homeowners prefer DIY to save on the cost of labour.

The windows are suitable for many classic and modern designed homes, and they provide energy efficiency. The downside of sliding windows is their difficulty in cleaning because they have unreachable areas.

#4 Picture Windows

This windows and doors Markham replacement style is very common. If your house is facing a beautiful forest or the ocean, picture windows are an ideal option. These windows do not have glass partitioning or grills, so they provide very clear and unobstructed views. The windows are inoperable, so they have to be paired with operable window-like sliders. However, they are low maintenance, energy-efficient, and are easy to install.

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#5 Hopper Windows

Hopper windows have a single-sash, and it has hinges on the lower side. The window opens by tilting inwards and downwards. These windows can easily open and close and are energy efficient.

Hopper windows are also suitable for houses with limited outside space because they open inwards. However, the downside of hopper windows is that they will limit the inner space because they open and can easily allow water entry into the house.

#6 Casement Windows

Casement windows are standard. They have hinges on the sides, and they crank open like a single or double door. These windows need enough outside space for opening. They provide unobstructed views, and they are a good option for ventilation. The casement windows are also available in a variety of designs and materials like wood and vinyl.

#7 Awning Windows

Awning windows are another common type of window most homeowners install. These windows are hinged at the top, and they open outwards from bottom to top. They are primarily installed in homes in rainy climates because they act as a shield for those homes.

The window also requires ample space outside for the opening, so they are not suitable for houses without an outside area. Awning windows are ideal for insulation and ventilation. However, they are hard to clean.

#8 Bay Windows

If you have ample window space, you can try bay windows. These windows increase your home’s curb appeal. The window is characterized by protruding small windows at angles of 30 and 40 degrees. They make the inner space look bigger, and they are suitable for outside views. Bay windows are also a good option for energy efficiency because they are available in many materials.

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