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Ancient Practices – Dowry System

Many practices are prevalent in Indian society since ancient times. One of these popular stories is the Dowry System. Earlier, in the form of the practice of this custom, the daughter was given something as a gift on her marriage. But day by day, the dowry system has assumed the form of an evil. In the absence of dowry, many parents hand over the eligible girl to the unworthy boy. I will write a Dowry System Essay in this blog.

People buy girls by giving money. In such a situation, family life can never become pleasant. There are many poor family parents who are unable to get their daughters married because in society, dowry greedy persons prefer to marry the same girl who gives more dowry.


Dahej pratha has been a major part of Indian society, there are many places where this dowry system is considered more than tradition. The parents of the girl consider this unique tradition as their help by giving some cash and expensive jewelry to the daughters during marriage.

Earlier, jewelry and gifts were given to the girl but in the present times this custom has changed, now gifts and cash are given to the groom and his parents. The jewels and cash given to the bride are kept by her in-laws with her. Many reasons such as inequality, gender, lack of strict laws, absolutism have given rise to this practice.

Beginning – What is Dowry System?

It is very difficult to give a precise answer to when Dowry System started but you can tell that this practice has been going on since very ancient times.

In the great mythological texts of Hindu caste such as ‘Ramayana’ and ‘Mahabharata’, there is also an example of giving parents wealth in the form of dowry at the time of farewell to the girl. But at that time people did not take dowry as a selfish feeling and there was no demand of money or dowry from the boys.

In Indian society, marriage is considered a sacred bond, in which two families and two hearts meet. In ancient times, the parents of the girl used to give dowry in the form of various items at the time of her marriage. The people of the boy’s house used to keep it without any people. But in today’s time, Sati system, caste, caste, untouchability have become very bad or growing in the same way, it has also become a business.

In the beginning, dowry was given to many items like jewelry, clothes, furniture, carts. But due to time, a lot of money was also demanded from the girls. If the boy is an engineer or a doctor, then later this land reaches the property or even the motor car.

Dowry Practice – A Curse

Dowry is one such curse in our country. Which promotes crimes against women, whether it is morning or mental. This Kali system has engulfed all sections of the society.

Rich people follow this practice to show their social and family prestige. It becomes very necessary for poor parents to give dowry to the daughter in marriage. Because everyone knows the parents if their dowry is not given, then their honor and respect will be abolished. If the daughter is sent without dowry, it will become difficult for the girl to live in her in-laws’ house.

If originally seen, dowry is also a practice. As we know about child marriage, that in India 8.9 percent girls are married before the age of 13 years. 23% of girls have to get married before the age of 15.

The social environment of our India has become such that it respects the dignity of a person’s establishments depending on his economic conditions. The one who has more wealth, the more he is respected in society. In such a situation, people are greedy and expect dowry is a natural result.

Dowry System Essay

We can also know that the daughter-in-law is beaten up in the in-laws after marriage for bringing down the dowry or not bringing the dowry. Even they are burnt alive. That is why many married girls in our India country are forced to commit suicide. In recent times, dowry is a curse for us.

Misfortune with Dowry System

Till now we have known that it has been going on in India since ancient times. This dowry system is a curse for us. Now in this Dowry System essay, I am going to know who can cause misdeeds with dowry system and what things dowry system promotes.

Today, if seen in the 21st century, it has taken a very cruel form. There are many such states and there are many villages in which if there is a decrease in dowry at the time of marriage, then the boys take the procession without getting married. In such a situation, if the woman gets married by mistake, then the life of the girl becomes like hell or the girls are divorced with some false excuse.

In addition to the girl in this system, there is a need to give huge amount of gifts to the groom and his family. Some people, being poor, borrow money from their relatives and friends. There are also many people who also take loans from the bank for dowry system. Kali system called dowry system leads to many misdeeds which we are going to know below.

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Misfortune of Dowry System

  • Family pressures and family financial boos
  • Lower your standard of living
  • Physical and mental pressure
  • Emotional stress for girl
  • Promotion of corruption
  • female foeticide
  • Disregard for society

Law against Dowry System

Dowry system is one of the most common practices in India. This Kali system has given rise to many problems like female feticide, abandoning girls, financial problems for girls, using unfair means as a girl to earn money, emotional exploitation of daughters-in-law etc.

That is why the Government of India has made laws making dowry a punishable act to prevent this Dahej pratha. Let’s look at this in today’s dowry system essay.

Dowry Prohibition Act, 1961

According to this act, a legal system was implemented to monitor the giving and taking of dowry. Penalties may also be imposed in the event of a dowry transaction.

Punishment by this Dowry Prohibition Act 1961 requires a minimum of 5 years imprisonment and a minimum fine of ₹ 15000. This penalty is based on the amount of dowry. Demand for dowry is also punishable. If someone demands dowry either directly or indirectly, then they too can face imprisonment for 6 months and a fine of ₹ 10000.

Domestic Violence Act, 2005

Even today, many women are treated emotionally, physically and mentally remotely to meet their in-laws’ demand for dowry. That is why the Domestic Violence Act 2005 has been enacted to empower women against such abuse.

This rule protects women from domestic violence. If anyone abuses women of all kinds, including physical, emotional, verbal, financial, and vagabonds, then this law considers that criminal to be punishable. In this law, the severity and punishment of each abuser is different.

How to Stop The Dowry System

Despite the many laws made by the government, the dowry system still stands as a curse in our society. To eliminate this problem, we have to use some methods. So, in this essay on dowry system, we know what are the ways to end the dowry system.

Lack of education is the main reason for many social practices like dowry system, caste discrimination, child labor, child marriage. That is why, to get rid of many such problems, we have to motivate people to get educated for higher education. Instead of spending money in search of a good groom for their daughters, the parents should spend money on their daughter’s education and should depend on her own feet.

We must strengthen women empowerment. All women should work with energy in their work instead of bowing to the sarcastic remarks of their in-laws.

Gender inequality is also one of the main reasons for the dowry system. We should teach children at a very young age that both men and women have equal rights. No one is better or less than the other.

We can stop the dowry system by running campaigns like Beti Bachao Beti Padhao. Apart from this, a lot of campaigns should be organized to stop this issue, thus we can get rid of the dowry system.

Steps to Stop The Dowry System

  • Education
  • Women’s empowerment campaign
  • gender equity
  • Government law
  • social equality
  • Save daughter, study daughter campaign

Conclusion of Dowry system in india

At last, we know that dowry practice is a cause of suffering for the girl and her family. To stop this malpractices and to get rid of it, we have to take all the solutions mentioned here seriously. And your Indian government will also have to file a law.

It is very important for the government and the general public to be together to remove this system completely from its roots. The government has also made it a punishable offense to stop the dowry system, but it is still being followed in most of the villages of the country, due to which the girl and their families have to face a lot of difficulty at the time of marriage.

It is sad that the dowry system is still considered as a tradition by people in India. I hope that together we will remove this practice from the root. this is complete essay on dowry system

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