Drawbacks of Watching Movies on Free Streaming sites


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If you are not certain as to whether to watch movies on free websites or paid legal platforms, you have come to the right place. Here will give you valuable information that will show you why free websites for streaming films are not a very good idea.

Movies are only enjoyable and more fun when they are in great video quality and without any disruptions.

There are very few free movie websites that can give you good streaming services such as Moviesda 2021. The majority of free websites have low video quality and a mediocre user interface which is not desirable at all.

Here are some of the main disadvantages of choosing free movies websites instead of paid ones:

  1. Poor UI

A website no matter how rich in content variety and video quality is of no use if it creates frustration for its users due to its bad layout and user interface. Such platforms make it very hard for you to navigate through the site and to find what things you like in a quick and efficient manner.

A website that has poor UI will make it more time-consuming to stream its content which leads to a terrible experience watching your favourite movies and shows.

  • Video Resolution

Most free streaming websites are not consistent in terms of video quality. Not every movie you find on these sites will have the same quality. Some of these will be HD while a majority will be below this resolution.

It makes no sense to watch your favourite films in poor video quality when you can easily go for any paid website and watch the same content in a great result for a very reasonable price.

  • Security Risks

There are many security risks associated with streaming films on free platforms. Comments sections and chat forums of such platforms are a major target of spammers and other hacking threats. The poor algorithms of such websites are not effective enough to keep your online data and personal information safe and secure.

That is the main reason why most users are now switching to paid websites over free streaming ones. The authorities are also trying to track down such sites to get rid of these so that your online identity remains safe and your account information does not leak out.

  • Less Variety

Most free streaming platforms are not updated frequently to add more content and the latest shows. There are very few varieties and options for you to select from. You cannot watch recent films on these sites even after months of being released. There are only a few mainstream films available for streaming and some old classics.

If you want to get access to the most recent content in great quality and also the oldest hits, a free website will not be able to provide you with that. It is therefore not a very wise thing to go for free streaming platforms instead of laid legal ones.

  • Irrelevant and Frequent Ads

Most free websites like khatrimaza, 123movies, etc. offer a lot of ads. The ads are frequent and in no relation to the content of the website. They appear out of nowhere, probably due to some hidden backlinks, and interrupt your streaming which is extremely irritating.

Free streaming websites will not give you a smooth streaming experience because of these annoying pop-ups and excessive ads so it is always wise to avoid these sites much as you can.

  • Not Always Available

Most free streaming sites host pirated content that is illegal and against cyber policies. This is why if you have selected a free streaming website, chances are it will disappear in some time without any warning or indication and then you will have to find another platform or a clone site for the same streaming website.

It can be very frustrating to find out that you cannot watch your favourite films on a particular streaming website out of the blue because the site has been taken down for some illegal activity.

Final Words

All the points that we have mentioned above, indicate clearly why free movie streaming websites are a bad choice. These sites host minimum content in mediocre quality and can cause many security issues.

In this way, they become more of a problem instead of assisting in making your streaming time fun and exciting. We hope that this information helps you in some way and you find the best streaming service for yourself as soon as possible.

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