E-commerce strategies: Effective E-commerce strategies that provide rich dividends


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Depending solely on SEO for branding and marketing is never a good idea because of the intense competition that can throttle your business. To make your business thrive, you must use the power of social media marketing by hosting your business on Instagram, where you can open an e-commerce store by using its business-friendly features. We are going to discuss E-commerce strategies in this article.

For maximum brand exposure and achieving the broadest reach and boost sales, more and more e-commerce businesses embrace Instagram.  It is not just enough to have an online existence for your business, but more important is to conduct the business online by selling products for which Instagram is the platform of choice.  If you are keen to promote your business on Facebook, then there is every reason to couple it with Instagram, as both can work in tandem to boost sales.

Besides creating an effective marketing strategy, you must not lose sight of your followers, who are the real strength of your business.  In due course of time, your followers turn into brand ambassadors, and you must follow a plan for adding more followers to expand the follower base. Can you buy real Instagram followers like many others doto augment the follower base for higher engagement? The answer is yes. Get in touch with some companies that sell real followers.

Once you have a solid follower base, here are some cutting edge Instagram e-commerce marketing strategies that will take your business to the next level.

Prove your authenticity: E-commerce strategies

Customers are always looking for authenticity, and they welcome conversations about the brand as they progress in their buying journey. However, it is challenging to create fresh content every day by maintaining its quality. Moreover, you need to adapt efficient marketing techniques by overcoming the burden of repetitive work.

To make the best use of your time, try to complete a task to the maximum in a single sitting instead of taking breaks in between. The technique known as batching is popular among marketing professionals. It eliminates transition time and improves productivity as you stay focused on the task at hand.

E-commerce and NodeJS: The Advantageous Duo

Create great quality content every time, as it is key to higher audience engagement. Use relevant hashtags in the content or looking at it from the other side create content around the hashtags.  Outsourcing your content is also an option.

High-quality content alone does not ensure high engagement. To improve engagement, you can integrate customer service if your e-commerce business is generating high sales.

Target growth

The sooner you can figure out what works best for your business, the easier it will be to implement the E-commerce strategies for growth.  For increasing brand awareness and brand following, start collaborating with influencers across the spectrum of your business. Provide free giveaways and hold contests by using promotional posts that relate to anything sold in your e-commerce store as well as promotional posts. Use conversational posts to encourage your followers to engage in conversations. 

You can ask questions to them, run contests or offer giveaways. Work together with your influencers, followers, and bloggers to promote content through mutual sharing of posts. With multi touch attribution with wicked reports, you can analyze which strategies work best for your ecommerce business.

Follow the rule of the thirds

To come up with attractive photos, follow the rule of thirds. Create an imaginary grid of 3×3 consisting of two equally spaced horizontal lines and two vertical lines with the same spacing. It will create 9 square boxes. Place your products at the intersecting points choosing the position towards the top or bottom so that you can avoid placing the product at the centre. It will be much more appealing to viewers as the product’s position will be away from the centre slightly.

Tag your products

Tagging your products is a way to create the effects of CTA as customers would be driven intuitively towards conversion. Just like tagging people, Instagram allows tagging products in your posts. Tagging products is a highly effective marketing strategy on Instagram as it expands the reach many more times. By following the simple process of tagging, you can convert your Instagram account into a sales channel.

To add products to your Instagram page, first, use your business Facebook page to open a shop section that connects to Instagram. To help customers checkout on your e-commerce website, select the right option on Instagram.  Start tagging your products only after you receive a notification from Instagram. When posting an image, you can see the list of all the products uploaded on your Facebook page.

Save time with hashtags for e-commerce strategies

Hashtags are immensely powerful on Instagram, and the permissible limit of hashtags per post is 30. Hashtags open the windows and help the content gain broad exposure and, in the process, attract potential customers. However, you need to do some research to choose the relevant hashtags.  Save a list of hashtags that you create to refer back to it in the future.

The hashtags have a close relation to the type of posts you upload frequently. Update your list of hashtags periodically to capture the trending hashtags.

Keep buying followers

Track the speed of developing followers and whenever there is a slowdown, make it up by buying followers from Insta4likes.com.  Likes and followers go hand in hand, and by connecting with people behind likes, you can identify and add new followers to your list. Just ensure that the followers you buy are genuine and not just bot created entities.

Focus on engagement

 Spend a lot of time looking after your account and stay active by following other accounts while liking, commenting, and following. It will create an organic wave of engagement that provides impressive results after some time. The principle of reciprocation comes into play when you comment on other people’s posts, as it would make them interested in having a look at your account.   The interactions thrive on mutual benefits that generate more interest and create more engagement.  

By sharing content and generating considerable engagement, your brand becomes more noticeable as you keep adding more customer-centric posts in your feeds.  Ensure that you take steps to smoothen the buyer’s journey, which holds the key to boosting sales.

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