If you are a commuter or in any case you need to travel by car in the city where you live every day, you know how much the problem of traffic, of the time, spent looking for parking and also the cost of transport affects daily life. Not just a question that, in addition to weighing on the family budget, represents stress to which one is continually subjected and certainly not a positive point for one’s health. We are going to discuss Electric bike in this article.

The problem of mobility, in fact, represents for many a factor that influences a good part of the day, as well as being an issue that requires eco-sustainable solutions. If in various European countries the response to urban pollution and traffic congestion is a topic that has been taking very specific directions for some time, in our country it has only been a few years ago that electric micro-mobility has begun to be seriously considered as an ‘ alternative to the use of the car for the daily movements of all those people who, for work or study, have to go to the city from neighbouring locations or peripheral areas. 

Electric bikes and electric scooters are the means that are now also preferred by people for short and medium journeys and have found agreement with many administrations in the creation of sharing services to counteract the phenomenon of traffic congestion and the emission of harmful gases. 

Advantages and disadvantages of using pedal assisted bikes 

It is above all-electric bicycles with pedal assistance that is taken into consideration by citizens for daily travel. If it is true that a vehicle like this has some limitations (think of the possible bad weather and also of the long distances), there are many advantages and benefits that can be derived from its use: limit atmospheric and acoustic pollution; avoid traffic; save; keeping fit; avoid stress. These are all points in favour of using the electric bike, with which you can in many cases reach the workplace or study and which also has the advantage of being able to represent an element of mixed mobility. 

Skid Steer Weight: How much does a skid steer weigh?

Consider, for example, the possibility of being able to load folding models in the trunk of the car and to transport one’s bike quite easily on public transport. It should also be considered that electric bicycles allow you to easily tackle any type of urban path and that, compared to traditional bicycles, while also contributing to better physical health, they allow you to be tireless thanks to electric assistance. 

The advantage of electric bike

An advantage, as we said, is also economic, considering that, apart from the purchase cost, an electric bike does not have high maintenance costs, costs for fuel, parking, road tax and insurance. It should also be considered that even a super-equipped model among the high-end models will never cost as much as a car. To get an adequate overview of the electric bike models on the market today among those considered most functional, we recommend consulting the best electric bike manufacturer.

The spread of electric bikes 

The desire to use an electric bicycle to go to work or to study places is increasingly increasing even in our country, this year also thanks to the electric bike bonus provided following the Covid-19 emergency measures. What those who are already using electric bikes as a solution to home-work journeys or who intend to buy one hope is that this excellent alternative will be adequately taken into consideration and encouraged at best with the creation of adequate infrastructures that guarantee greater ease of circulation and greater safety. In the meantime, we see that many cities have adapted to bike-sharing services, providing citizens with electric bicycles for hire to reach their destinations in a comfortable, fast and ecological way.

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