Elon Musk weighs in on Cybertruck door panel gap after reviewer calls it the ‘worst I’ve ever seen in a production vehicle’

Anjali Jain

Eight distinguishing attributes of the Cybertruck Tesla Inc.

The Cybertruck by Tesla has an innovative appearance and numerous pluses.

Amidst the previous month, Tesla enthusiasts have lauded several noteworthy attributes of the truck.
Tesla commenced the delivery of Cybertrucks on November 30th.
In addition to its futuristic appearance, Tesla’s Cybertruck is equipped with an abundance of unique features.

On November 30, the electric vehicle manufacturer commenced shipping its initial twelve Cybertrucks, after approximately four years of anticipation. Tesla, according to Elon Musk, intends to increase production by releasing additional electric pickup vehicles.

Since the DeLorean, the angular vehicle is the first to feature an exterior constructed of stainless steel. Notwithstanding the contentious nature of its design, Tesla also incorporated a number of intriguing features into the automobile.

Automobile enthusiasts and professionals alike have utilized social media in recent months to spotlight the vehicle’s concealed door handles, speed, maneuverability, and even an Easter egg.

• On Tuesday, Elon Musk addressed concerns regarding a Cybertruck panel divide.
• Marques Brownlee, a YouTuber, identified a significant breach in the door of a Cybertruck he had reviewed.Musk stated that the problem was caused by a dislodged door striker and could be resolved easily.

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Elon Musk promptly responded to apprehensions regarding panel gaps on the Tesla Cybertruck subsequent to a tech YouTuber, Marques Brownlee, describing an alignment issue on the truck’s door as the most severe he had ever encountered in a production vehicle.

When evaluating the exterior of the electric pickup, Brownlee identified the voids in his review.
“Based on its apparent openness, I am concerned that an issue may be present with this door.” That is truly awful. “I’ve never witnessed such a significant gap before,” Brownlee remarked as he shut the driver’s side door, which appeared to remain a mere half-inch ajar.

“It’s likely one of those instances in which I’ll be required to deliver it to Tesla.” “They will probably tighten up a few things, and it will look good, but if you purchase a Cybertruck with a low VIN, you will likely have to deal with that,” he continued.

Musk stated, in response to a screen capture of the door gap from Brownlee’s examination, that he had observed the defect in approximately 15 of the vehicles.

“There is no ‘door fit’ issue with X,” Musk wrote. “About 15 Cybertrucks in service had an issue where the door striker loosened in the field, due to insufficient torque after door fit.”
Musk indicated that it “takes 5 mins to fix in service and has been addressed in production.”
Gaffers tape was the “temporary fix” devised by Miles Somerville, a producer on Brownlee’s program, according to Business Insider. Somerville stated that he adhered the door striker, which is the metal fastener used to secure the door, to the vehicle with tape.

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Somerville stated in an email comment, “I believe a door striker ought to be relatively easy to misplace during delivery.”
A Tesla spokesperson did not respond to a request for comment at this time.
Even prior to the commencement of Tesla deliveries in November, Tesla enthusiasts had identified vehicle prototypes that exhibited inadequate panel alignment. The Wall Street Journal reported last year that the truck’s stainless-steel body was susceptible to curling and attempting to return to its original shape after being flattened, due to the fact that the metal was supplied in large coils.

Musk also addressed the matter prior to the truck’s official launch. A companywide email obtained by CNBC from the CEO of Tesla in August stated that the design of the vehicle necessitated pinpoint precision in measurements, emphasizing that “any dimensional variation stands out like a sore thumb. “Please ensure that you subscribe to Business Insider on Microsoft Start if you found this narrative to be of interest.

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