The Emerald Jewellery has been admired for thousands of years. Already in ancient Egypt it was worn as jewelry. Together with rubies and sapphires, it belongs to the “Big Three” of colored gemstones. And since high-quality emeralds are very rare, they are often more valuable than diamonds of the same size. So let’s take a closer look at the qualities of this seductive stone.

Emeralds up close

From a chemical point of view, the emerald is the green variant of a beryll with a trace of chromium and sometimes vanadium. Emeralds have a hardness of 7.5 -8 on the Mohs scale, but usually contain some inclusions that make them relatively brittle. For this reason, Emerald jewellery always be handled with caution and shocks and contact with hot water should be avoided.

Did you know…?

Have you ever heard of “birthstones” or stones assigned to the months of the year? Then you know that Emerald earrings or a pendant with emerald is the perfect gift for Maiborn. Cleopatra also gave emeralds to its visitors.

The green stones stand for compassion, universal love and they are said to be able to strengthen vitality. Most of them are mined in Colombia, but there are also deposits in Brazil and Zambia. Depending on the mining location, the color of the stone may vary.


When is emerald jewelry appropriate?

Emeralds are absolute showstoppers and can therefore be combined primarily to create understated outfits. They fit well with diamonds, highlight green eyes and look particularly good to dark hair. Ladies who love to be the center of attention will love these stones. Even a bride can make emeralds shine.

The eternally popular Emerald Jewellery

The word emerald usually describes the stone itself, but also the special cut, which was developed especially for this gemstone, is so named. Nowadays, emerald grinding is also becoming increasingly popular with other gemstones.

Engagement rings with the green gemstone are by far the most popular designs among stars and asterisks. In 1953, for example, John F. Kennedy knelt in front of his future wife Jackie, a gold ring with diamonds and an emerald in his hands. Actress Hale Berry also wears an absolutely unique ring with a 4-carat emerald.


Where can I get high-quality emerald jewellery?

If you are looking for a ring, pendant or other jewelry with emeralds, you should only engage with dealers who provide a certificate of authenticity for the piece of jewelry you want to buy. One such trader is the Czech jeweler KLENOTA, the emerald jewelry sold in various designs both online and directly in the studio in the center of Prague. High-quality Emerald Jewellery will be preserved for a lifetime.

Have you found the emerald of your dreams?

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