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During the current pandemic situation in many countries, including Canada, people are still working remotely. Working from home continuously  has significantly increased the work pressure on the employees. Any good company would go out of the way to appreciate their employees in this tough time, and if you’ve decided to take the step but are confused about what can be the best way to do that while keeping the current social distancing in mind, then, don’t worry! We’ve just found the best option for you. Send employees appreciation gift baskets to their homes, as there is no better gift to make them feel more than receiving appreciation gift baskets for their company at their doorsteps.

Many online stores offer customized, and readymade gift baskets, but the Gifts and Baskets store has the best one. We have a few gift basket ideas that your employees are sure going to love. 

1. Chocolate Gift Baskets

Chocolates are the perfect gift for anyone regardless of gender, age, and work status. Many different and unique flavor chocolates are available in the market, such as orange chocolate, mint chocolate, dark chocolate, etc. You can pick and choose chocolates based on your budget and your employee’s preference and create an amazingly decadent gift basket.

2. Coffee Essentials Gift Basket 

Coffee is a workaholic’s favorite drink. It helps in staying up late and also gives the most needed kick in the brain in the morning. If your employees are workaholics or you want your staff to become more efficient and energetic, then a basket full of coffee is an excellent gift. There are so many different varieties of coffees available in the market that you can include in your basket, along with a customized mug with your employee’s name. 

3. Snacks Gift Basket 

Munching during work makes the work so much easier and more fun. A snack gift basket can easily be the best gift your employees ever received. Snacks not only make the work easy but are your partner in late-night Netflix parties. You can customize the baskets according to your employee’s liking, but if you have no idea what they like, you can include snacks that are everyone’s favorites, such as Pringles, Reese’s, Oreo, Graham Crackers, etc. 

4. Work Table Essentials Gift Basket

If you want your employee’s gift basket to be more on the formal side, then we have an idea for you as well. Table plants are a crowd’s favorite these days. They are a less-maintenance plant that does not require so much caretaking but looks cute on the desk. Other desk accessories you can add to your gift basket are customized pens, paperweight, etc. Pen holders and business card holders also put value in your gift basket. 

5. A-little-Bit-of-Everything Gift Basket

As the name suggests, these are 100% customized baskets that you can make for your employees. These gift baskets are our personal favorite as they depict the thoughts that go into creating them. You can include chocolates, coffee, your employee’s favorite snacks, a customized mug, a customized pen, and so many other gift items. To make your basket more formal and beautiful, you can add a bottle of wine, because let’s be honest, what adult doesn’t like wine? 

The EndNote

Your employees are a great contributor to your business success, so it’s high time you appreciate them. These gift baskets ideas are so versatile that you can give your employees these baskets on any occasion or event. 

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