Essential OSRS Items for Player-Owned Houses


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If you’re getting a player-owned house for the first time, here’s what you should put in it.

If you have a player-owned house for the first time, then you’ll probably be wondering what the best tips are going forward. We don’t want to be wasting our OSRS gold after all. Now, let’s get started and take a look at what OSRS items would look great, and also be beneficial to you in your player-owned house.

Armour Stand

With Barrow’s gear, you only have one stand that can fix it when it gets broken. The Armour Stand is going to be a handy OSRS item to have, though you’ll need to have level 55 Construction in order to make one. If you’re really struggling to get the Construction level up, then you could always use the stands you find at banks in PvP worlds instead.

Wardrobe and Dresser

Every house needs a wardrobe, and OSRS is no different. This will provide you with a place in which you can upgrade your clothing. It is something that you can upgrade if you have the resources and OSRS GP to spend too. You’ll start out with a shoebox, before going all the way through to a Gilded Wardrobe. This will allow you to not only change every piece of clothing that you are wearing, but you can also change the colour as well. If you do happen to need more options, then the store in Varrock has even more options for you to choose from.

 There’s also a dresser that you can get too. This will let you change the style of hair and beard that you have. If you have level 74 Construction, then you can make the Gilded Mahogany Dresser, which allows you to change your hair to any style that you like. You could always visit the haircut shop in Falador instead if you don’t fancy grinding your Construction level. You aren’t exactly going to have to buy OSRS gold to get a new haircut.

Portal Chamber

Moving away from more cosmetic constructs, a Portal Chamber is very useful to have. You will need to be at level 50 Construction to make it, and you can then make as many as you need. By building this, you’ll get to put teleports to the majority of Teleport Spell areas. With all of the teleports you will only ave to purchase House Tablets. You can then teleport there and choose your destination. This means you don’t need a load of teleport tablets in your bank too.

Superior Garden

This is a place where you can place Fairy Rings and Spirit Trees. This will compliment your teleport system, though for the former you’ll need level 85 Construction. If you want to make a Spirit Tree, then you’ll need just 75 Construction, as well as level 83 Farming.

Restoration Pools

Speaking of the Superior Garden, here you’ll be able to build Restoration Pools. When you’ve reached level 90 Construction, you’ll be able to build the Ornate Pool. This will allow you to not only restore your health, but also your prayer stats, special attack, and run energy.

Combat Dummy

Having a combat room in your house can only be beneficial. You can make a Combat Dummy when you reach level 48 Construction. You’ll be on your max hit every time that you attack them in that gear, and can make an undead version at level 53 Construction. The latter version of the dummy is also part of a Slayer task.

Final Tip

These are all great Old School Runescape items for you to put in your home, but there is a tip for you to use beforehand. When you are up to level 30 Construction, you will be able to move your house to Rellekka. It costs 10,000 OSRS gold, so you shouldn’t have to find OSRS gold for sale. This is a handy place to have a close teleport to Rellekka, which is especially useful for low level account. It’s worth remembering that teleports nearby will need you to finish either achievement diaries or long quests.

There are many advantages to having a player-owned house in Old School Runescape. Your primary focus is going to be raising your Construction level to make the best of it. Once you are set up and ready to go, you’ll be surprised at just how effective the house can be. There are a lot of other OSRS items that you can spruce your home up with too, so that you can truly make it your own.

Have you managed to get a player-owned house in Old School Runescape? What is your favourite part of your home? Let us know in the comments section below!


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