ETF: Are Exchange Traded Funds Better than Mutual Funds?


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ETF: Investing is just one word until you get a little deeper and look at all of the options that you have open there. Investing does not just pertain to limited stocks, real estate, or gold – there are so many more baskets that we can look at. Two easily accessible investment baskets that you can choose are ETFs and mutual funds. But what, what are ETFs or what are mutual funds – and if you have to choose on–e from them, which one would you choose? All of these confusions can be kept aside because here we will talk about them to know which is better for you.

What are ETFs?

An ETF is a new kid in the investment university. They began in 1993 and have been growing ever since.

An ETF – or the Exchange Traded Vehicle, is a stock exchange-traded investment fund. Commodities, equities, and bonds are among the assets owned by an ETF. During a trading day, these are traded at a price that is near the asset’s initial net asset value. The majority of ETFs track a bond or stock index. The ETF’s price can fluctuate during the day. ETFs – on average, do have some lower costs and more everyday liquidity than mutual fund shares. ETFs could also be used for hedging, equitizing cash, and arbitrage, among other things.

An ETF shareholder would receive a portion of the gains, such as dividends and interest. If the fund is liquidated – it may be entitled to a residual value. Because ETF shares are normally traded on public stock exchanges, they can be easily transferred, bought, and sold just like stock shares.

The supply chains of ETFs are regulated by “creation” and “redemption” processes that include a small number of allowed parties (APs). APS is usually a well-known financial entity with a lot of buying power, such as banks and investment businesses.

What are Mutual Funds?

Mutual funds, too, are a great investment choice – you would not find them directly like a stock, but you can surely buy them through the fund family.

Mutual funds are professionally managed investment funds that trade in a variety of different assets. Funds are gathered from a variety of sources and invested with the help of professionals. Bonds, money market instruments, stocks, or a combination of all these tools are included in the investment. The investor would hold a share of the mutual fund and profits or losses in the same way as the other shareholders.

Well, both of them are good investment choices. In order to know the better one for you, you would have to know the differences between the two.

How are ETFs Different from Mutual Funds?

You have to know that mutual funds are actively managed by professionals who bring market knowledge and help manage your assets, whilst ETFs are passively managed.

  • You would have no control over whether or whether you buy a mutual fund unit. You’ll need to make a request to the fund manager to do so, but ETFs can be exchanged freely on the market, and you can buy or sell your units whenever you like.
  • Mutual fund units can only be traded at the end of each trading day, whereas ETFs can be traded all day, allowing investors to make quick decisions based on market conditions.
  • Because of the way ETFs are created and redeemed, they provide more tax benefits to their investors than mutual funds.
  • As mutual funds have a lock-in period, they are difficult to liquidate, whereas ETFs have a higher liquidity ratio because they are linked to the liquidity of the equities in the index.
  • Mutual funds monitor the index, but their asset selection approach is based on how they can outperform the index, whereas ETFs strive to match the index price and provide a portfolio that is comparable to the index members.
  • ETFs do not have large fees because they do not need to be actively managed, whereas mutual funds have a higher fund management fee.
  • An exchange-traded fund does not have a lock-in period. The lock-in period for a mutual fund might range from 9 days to 3 years, depending on the type of program you choose. An equity-linked savings scheme, for example, has a three-year lock-in term.
  • Only an exchange-traded fund, not a mutual fund, can place stock orders.

Which Investment Instrument for You?

As already said, these investment options give you a great way to build a broad investment portfolio and grow your wealth. But, which option to choose – you can find out by analyzing the following factors:

– How fast do you want your returns?

It is all based on the tenure that you want to be invested for. If you want your money back faster – you need to choose a more liquid option.

– What is your risk appetite?

If you cannot risk a lot, you need to choose the safer option, but when you can afford to lose a little more, you can choose the riskier option (comparatively). Also, you need to know that the riskier the option higher the rewards – but you will need the appetite for it.

– Your strategy

Some investors would have a choice of investing with tax benefits, some with other benefits to themselves. So, choose according to your investment strategy.

– Your final financial aim

These investments need to be aligned with your financial goals, and these financial goals need to always be at the forefront when you choose an option.


When you actually do have the answer to these pointers, you will know what is the best option of investment for you – if it is ETFs or Mutual funds.

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