How Much Does a Euro 6 Conversion Kit Cost?


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Euro 6 Conversion Kit: Owners of diesel cars in the EU and the UK don’t have it easy – not only do their cars need to have sophisticated (and often extremely faulty) emission reduction systems, but they might also not be able to enter certain areas at all if they don’t, or risk heavy fines otherwise. In many European countries, car owners use a Euro 6 conversion kit to make their vehicles compatible with new emission laws – but what exactly is a Euro 6 conversion kit, and how much does it cost?

What is Euro 6?

If you’re a driver in the European Union, EEA, or the United Kingdom, you should probably know about Euro 6. The European Emission Standards, or Euro 6, are the latest regulations regarding emission levels for vehicles allowed to be sold and driven in the EU. Each iteration introduced new guidelines for car manufacturers that want to sell their vehicles in the European Union – in the case of Euro 6, it focused mainly on reducing nitrogen oxides (NOx) levels.

Diesel vehicles produce a lot of nitrogen oxides – much more than regular gasoline engines. To reduce harmful emission levels, modern diesel cars feature a selective catalytic reduction (SCR) system, which pumps a liquid known as AdBlue which turns harmful nitrogen oxides into neutral water and ammonia. To make their cars compatible, many drivers use a Euro 6 conversion kit in their vehicles.

Does my car need to comply with Euro 6 standards?

If you want to avoid additional taxes and exorbitant fines – unfortunately yes, at least in most areas around the EU. Most larger cities like London and Berlin are now so-called Ultra Low Emission Zones, where you need a Euro 6 compliant vehicle to enter. Older diesel vehicles that do not have the SCR system won’t be compatible with Euro 6 without retrofitting, which means many drivers won’t be able to enter certain areas around the EU.

To see whether your car meets Euro 6 standards or not, you can contact your manufacturer, or simply go to the Vehicle Certification Agency website. AdBlue Mercedes users can simply contact the customer services assistant on the Mercedes website, making the process very simple.

How to convert my diesel car to Euro 6?

If you’re trying to convert from Euro 5 to Euro 6, retrofitting is one option. Unfortunately, your car won’t be able to meet Euro 6 standards through regular means unless it already has an SCR system and AdBlue tank built-in.

There is, however, one way – Euro 6 conversion kits with NOx emulators, which can override the SCR system diagnostics to not show any errors or violations. As an additional bonus, these emulators can help you turn the SCR on and off whenever necessary, saving you money on the expensive liquid and avoiding malfunctions.

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