Failure to transfer aid to Ukraine, according to Biden, would be “akin to criminal neglect”

Anjali Jain
Biden argues failure to move Ukraine aid would be ‘close to criminal neglect’

In a conversation with the German chancellor on Friday, President Biden characterized Congress’ resistance to allocating funds for Ukraine’s conflict against Russia as “virtually criminal neglect.”
“Should the United States Congress fail to provide support for Ukraine, it would be tantamount to criminal neglect.” Biden informed German Chancellor Olaf Scholz prior to a bilateral meeting, “It is abhorrent.”
As tensions escalate in Europe over Congress’s failure to approve new aid for Ukraine, this discussion takes place. Scholz arrived in the United States to assert that a Russian victory in the conflict would be detrimental to the Western alliance and its members, and to describe how Germany, despite budgetary constraints, has continued to fund Ukraine.

Amid controversy, the Senate voted on Friday evening to move closer to passage a $95.3 billion package for Ukraine, Israel, and other national security priorities.
Earlier this week, all but four Republican senators voted to thwart the bipartisan agreement that included border security measures. Following the vote, Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) removed the border provisions from the measure.
Schumer requested that his Republican counterparts collaborate with him in order to expedite the passage of this measure. The agreement stipulates $60 billion in Ukraine aid.
Biden: Ukraine’s lack of support is “advanced to criminal neglect.”
Biden added in his discussion with the German chancellor that the House is “somewhat hesitant” but expressed optimism that “it’s more political than substantive.”
Scholz emphasized Germany’s contributions to the conflict and expressed confidence that the House will provide Ukraine with the “necessary support” as Biden has done. He stated that without it, Ukraine has no hope of defending itself.
Biden concurred and stated, “They had better step up, because so much is at stake.”

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