Kabaddi is one of the most loved games by us. People love playing kabaddi and enjoy it. This is one of the oldest sport and every generation has loved it. As we all know that in this hustle-bustle life, we hardly get time to enjoy these games. So the technological advancements have helped us out to enjoy these games just at the convenience of our home. Many of us have heard about fantasy kabaddi. It is an online, skill-based variant of India’s popular sport. This game is all about fast thinking and about your tricks to play this game. There are many fantasy sports apps which you can enjoy and also earn rewards.

While playing fantasy kabaddi, you will get to select your own captain and vice-captain. In case the captain will score, you will gain double fantasy points and the vice-captain will give you 1.5 times fantasy points. So this clearly reflects that captain and vice-captain should be wisely selected. Also, know that if you are good at playing fantasy kabaddi, you can earn amazing returns. Also, know that this game follows the same rule as the pro kabaddi games and points are also allotted in the same manner. To play this game, you need to know the actual positions the participants have in the pro kabaddi games. The higher the points earned, the higher are the chances of winning the mega leagues. You will get the chance to win real money with your skill.

To know about this game, you can refer to the following points:

  • Fantasy kabaddi app- This app is easily available on both android and ios platforms. If not app, you will easily get the APK link as well.
  • Point system- This fantasy sport has the same rules as the real one has. This will give you the real experience of kabaddi. Also, the points will be allotted as the points are allotted in the real match. Just like the real game, you will lose points on yellow cards, red cards or fouls. Also, you will gain scores on successful raids, successful tackles, etc. For more information in detail, you can check out the details in the FAQs in the app or website.
  • How can you play fantasy kabaddi- You can easily play kabaddi on the fantasy app. You can start by downloading the app or getting the APK file/link. Then you have to register or sign up with your mobile number. Once you sign up, you will easily get the bonus to play the games. Then you can directly refer to the fantasy sports section where you will see the options of the game you want to play. Among them, you have to select the Kabaddi and then select the match you want to play. Now is the time to do the selection of players for your team. Also, you have to select the captain and vice-captain. Now you are all sorted to play. So after choosing a contest, you have to play and wait for the results. If want to play more, you can make more teams to enter other interests.
  • Benefits of playing fantasy kabaddi- You will get the same real-world experience while playing the fantasy kabaddi. Also, it sounds great when you come to know that you can earn real money while playing. You can easily take out cash the moment you have earned it. Just make sure to clear your KYC. Not only luck but this game is based upon your skill and knowledge. If you hesitate or lack confidence, you can first take some practice sessions on the fantasy kabaddi on daily basis. This will help you to enhance your knowledge and skills. If you wonder about the signing process, you just have to follow the basic steps and you are good to go. 
  • Players- The fantasy kabaddi squad consists of 7 players. It includes raiders (minimum 1 to maximum 3 raiders), all-rounders (minimum 1 and maximum 2 all-rounders), defenders (minimum 2 and maximum 4 defenders), the squad (maximum 5 players from each team), a captain and vice-captain. Also, while signing up, you will be allotted some points, so with those points, you will select the squad. 
  • Legal- If you think these cash games are not safe and legal, it is totally wrong. The reward earned from these fantasy games adhere to the government guidelines. You can easily get this amount cashed anytime. Also, you have to give the right information of yours while signing up. These apps have a strong privacy policy, so all the information entered by you is never disclosed to a third party. All the payments done through different channels like Paytm, PayU, visa, master cards, net banking and much more are completely safe and secure. 
  • Terms and conditions- While starting the play make sure to go through the terms and conditions. This will help you to get clarity, which will help you to play the game worry-free. Make sure to play as per the rules to win the game.
  • Follow fantasy kabaddi news- To keep yourself updated you can follow the fantasy kabaddi news. All the latest updates will be provided by the fantasy app. Not only about the real-world kabaddi, but it will also help you with the tips and tricks to play well and win.

Soaboveare some of the points one should know about fantasy kabaddi. Make sure to select the right fantasy sports app like ‘Gamezy’. Gamezy is one of the best platforms to play all the fantasy games of your choice. You can blindly trust this app if you love playing games. This app is available on both android and ios platforms. Gamezy will provide you with world class security, an innovative gaming experience and is a great rewarding platform. You will find all the fantasy games like cricket, football, rummy, carom, ludo, 8 ball pool, run boy run, sheep fight, fruit slice and much more. So download this app and start playing.


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