Fashion Preview: These trends await us in 2021


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We can look forward to these fashion trends in 2021

The 2020 fashion year is coming to an end and we are looking forward to 2021. What new trends await us, what comes, stays and goes? The most important thing in advance: There is a lot of joie de vivre in the collections of the new season! Adieu Tristesse and monotony, instead great patterns, wonderfully comfortable cuts and friendly colors are the order of the day!

Colorful flowers and flowers as mood enhancers

New York Fashion Week is a particular reminder of a new trend: in spring and summer 2021, we will encounter a magnificent bloom everywhere. On the one hand, of course, in gardens and parks, but on the other hand also on dresses, blouses and shirts. Generous floral prints are the good mood guarantors of the coming year, they bring sunshine into our everyday life even on rainy days and conjure up a smile on our lips.


Longwear, the style with the irresistible feel-good factor

The longwear trend has already thrilled us this year with dreamlike creations, but it will not reach its peak until 2021. From the knee-length cardigan to the XXL bat sweater to casual blouse jackets, the motto here is: the longer, the better. In this case, however, “long” does not mean unshaped, because the cut shapes continue to show themselves to be figuratively flattering. So worn-out jeans and oversized sweaters remain a no-go.

The rebirth of the plaid patterns : Fashion 2021

Karo is “in”: Whether as a discreet and noble-filigree pattern or almost in large format, the classic is back in full form. And that’s a good thing, because karos always look fresh, dynamic and lively. At Sweaters and Cardigans this trend is particularly noticeable. And best of all, he is a woman of all ages! Colour blocking will also be high on the popularity scale in 2021. The look exudes cheerfulness and temperament and enhances every outfit. However, it is important to combine cleverly: a cuddly Colour Blocking sweater is best matched by a slim-fitting jeans or leggings in a neutral colour. Wide-cut trousers in bright tones make the style look slightly too intrusive.


The trend for fashion-encourages: Bra-Tops

Admittedly, this trend is actually really good for slim women. Nevertheless, in the coming year, it will be an important topic. Bra tops look simply sensationally good on suntanned skin and put the upper body in a refined scene. But how are they actually worn?

– Solo under a blazer
– In combination with shirt or blouse
– To a high-waisted trousers
– To a skirt

Elegant sports dress : Fashion 2021

Sport always goes: at least fashionable. Labels such as Balenciaga, Prada, Burberry and Versace showed during Fashion Weeks that sporty inspired fashion can be quite elegant. From the functional windbreaker to the comfortable tracksuit for the weekend at home, the actually rather practical fashion proves 2021 a lot of style. The perfect outfit for working in the home office should be found!

Hole and structure patterns: the refined eye-catchers

Hole and structure patterns attract all eyes and transform any simple outfit into an indescribably feminine look. The charming eye-catchers are mainly on sweaters as well as on long and short cardigans. If tops with hole patterns are worn on the bare skin, however, care should be taken that the style is not too transparent and does not provide undesirable “insights”. This is especially true in the job. In leisure time, on the other hand, some bare skin may flash through the pattern.

Butterfly sunglasses, the must-have of the coming summer

Without the glamorous butterfly sunglasses will not go in the highest summer. With their pointed glasses, they are reminiscent of past glamorous times and bring a little nostalgia to the 21st century. Valentino has already declared her the fashion darling of the new season. Incidentally, the distinctive accessories replace the currently ubiquitous Cat-Eye sunglasses, which will disappear into oblivion in 2021.

Photo 1: Bruno Nascimentol Photo 2: Jonathan Borba Photo 3: Sofya Sokolova on Unsplash

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