A common feeling observed by almost everyone but expressed by few. Many people hide their fears to showcase themselves as a fierce full warrior in society but from inside they also feel it. This is nothing to be ashamed of. When we close eyes towards it then we perceive it but what if we open our eyes and see it  ? Will Fear last then ? 

Answer is very simple yet complicated. Lasting of fear will depend on with what courage we are looking at it and how wide our eyes are open. 

Let’s say a person who is afraid of dogs is walking on a road. Suddenly a street dog blocks his way. He would have only two options either run away or stand and face it with full strength. First option looks easier but it will provide short term relief and the fear will continue to haunt him for longer time. If he chooses second option then it will be difficult for him at first but then that fear will be over for lifetime.

Similarly whenever this distinct feeling arises then these two options will also arise. Now it’s your call to choose the way………..

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Raushan Kumar
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