FKA Twigs Casts a Long Shadow Over Independent Artists: ‘Shia LaBeouf made me sleep naked’


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A new allegation has been brought forth against Shia LaBeouf following his performance at the New York Film Festival in January. FKA Twigs, an up and coming artist from France, brought a case against the star claiming he sexually abused her in a hotel while she was waiting for him in a friend’s apartment. She claimed that LaBeouf repeatedly abused her, leaving her bleeding and with bruises. The case was ultimately dropped, but a New York Police Department detective was present during the arrest of LaBeouf and other actor accused of assault.

The New York Times featured a lengthy profile of LaBeouf which included the account of FKA Twigs. FKA stands for “Freekick Lady”, a nickname that she has used to describe herself. She is described as a performer who makes art “about the politics of pain”. She has previously performed work with the band Doves in Paris. In a statement to the media, she denied any allegations of abuse and said that she would be discussing the case with a lawyer soon. The artist has yet to comment on the claims.

The timing of this article coincides with a press release issued by LaBeouf’s lawyer, John B. LaBeouf. In the release, the attorney alleged that FKA Twigs had lied about what happened in a hotel room while the two artists were waiting for the singer to come backstage. According to the lawyer, FKA Twigs made the claims against LaBeouf in an effort to get more money from their client. He further claims that the actress was not seriously injured during the incident.

FKA Twigs Calls Shia LaBeoufs Apology

FKA Twigs is not the only artist to face abuse from a star while attending a concert. British musician Russell Kelly recently faced a number of sexual harassment claims from singer-actor Ryan Gosling. Mr. Kelly subsequently issued a statement denying the allegations and calls the encounter between him and Mr. Gosling an innocent and enjoyable night out. Stars like Beyonce Knowles and Tobey Maguire have also been in the spotlight over the last several months because of sexual harassment claims. Recently, Spiderman actor Tom Holland was accused of sexually harassing an assistant during a movie shoot. The assistant claimed that Holland knew he was not a professional actor and continued to proposition her.

FKA Twigs: spotlight for their music

While FKA Twigs and other artists are being drawn into the spotlight for their music, their connection to the artist that they draw inspiration from may be just as important. Many musicians choose to draw inspiration from a musical master’s life and career. Kanye West draws a lot of his music from the lyrics of Michael Jackson. Artists such as Nine Inch Nails and Soundgarden have made reference to Nine Inch Nails throughout their songs.

LaBeouf’s connection to Star Wars is not exactly

Shia LaBeouf’s connection to Star Wars is not exactly a clear one. According to a profile of Mr. LaBeouf written by the Wall Street Journal, the actor considers Star Wars a “cult” genre and a great artistic achievement. However, the connection between Star Wars and FKA Twigs is hard to define. Some have suggested that FKA Twigs draws its inspiration from Star Trek and Lord of the Rings. In fact, the band’s name was derived from a famous Star Wars quote by George Lucus, who was supposed to say, “The greatest threat to the Galactic Republic is the unknown.”

Regardless, Feka Twigs is still a unique band. Their music blends hip hop and new wave into a dark comedy that draws from a number of different genres and inspirations. The band first gained popularity online after the release of their self titled 2010 albums. The album was widely praised by critics and fans, who were impressed by their originality and talent as performers. After the success of the self-titled album, the group began work on a new album titled Relapse. The band’s last full-length album called Relapse was released in December of 2012, shortly before they parted ways with their long-time singer, LaBeouf.

Closing Notes: FKA Twigs

When the group decided to part ways, it was somewhat of a surprise to the world. Many had expected a major breakthrough in the world of pop art and independent artists, but none had anticipated the arrival of Feka Twigs. This group of artists instead seemed to choose random fame for their music. Regardless, Feka Twigs has become one of the more exciting and unique acts in the world of art today.

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