Dive into Festive Vibes with Billie Eilish and Kate McKinnon on SNL


Get ready for a jolly ride as Saturday Night Live (SNL) preps for its December 16th episode, featuring the dynamic duo of host Kate McKinnon and musical sensation Billie Eilish. In a festive chat, they spilled the beans on what makes the holiday season special for them.

Kate McKinnon’s Offbeat Festive Joys

Step into McKinnon’s world, where she finds delight in the hibernal solstice—the Earth drifting far from the sun, casting us into darkness. Amidst the traditional glow of holiday lights, McKinnon adds a dash of unconventional cheer to the celebration.

Billie Eilish’s Twist on Holiday Traditions

Eilish, making her third SNL appearance, brings her unique charm to the festivities. From the iconic Rockefeller Tree to the glimmering joy of ice skating rinks, Eilish shares what lights up her holiday season. Experience how Eilish infuses her musical magic into the festive atmosphere.

SNL Alum Takes the Hosting Stage

As SNL alum McKinnon steps into the hosting limelight on December 16th, expect a comedic extravaganza. From her spot-on impressions of Justin Bieber to the late Ruth Bader Ginsburg, delve into what makes McKinnon a hosting force to be reckoned with.

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Billie Eilish and Kate McKinnon
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Wind Up

With the holiday episode just around the corner, SNL promises a festive blend of laughter, music, and unique celebrations. From McKinnon’s quirky festive preferences to Eilish’s musical enchantment, this episode is poised to be a memorable highlight of the season. Tune in at 11:30 p.m. ET on NBC or catch the live stream on Peacock for a dose of holiday joy with SNL’s dynamic duo.

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