Fitted Kitchen: Planning of Fitted Kitchen & The most common 10 mistakes


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Frequent planning errors in the fitted kitchen

The fitted kitchen is the heart of the home for many people. Here we sleep and have breakfast with broken hair and have dinner, telling each other the experiences of the day. Here you switch off with a glass of wine and the preparation of a new dish and here birthday and Christmas parties take place with family and friends.

Those who design this special space themselves can incorporate their own wishes and needs. This aligns everything in such a way that optimal enjoyment and cosiness are possible. In order to fulfill this dream and to ensure that the fitted kitchen meets all expectations, some frequent planning errors should be avoided.


Don’t be too minimalistic

Minimalism is becoming more and more a trend and is paying off in many ways. The fitted kitchen, however, is supposed to perform many services at the same time. For this purpose, functionality should also be taken into account in the planning. These include considerations as to whether a dishwasher is needed or rinsed by hand, whether a microwave should be available and, if so, whether it is used; integrated or individual?

In addition, there are plans for how many cooking areas you need, whether you want to have a kitchen island with an insulated stove or an integrated stove, whether the dining area is in the fitted kitchenor outside, whether you need a large fridge with freezer or something smaller.

All this should be reconsidered, because in a fitted kitchen it is always difficult and expensive to retrofit something afterwards.


Measure the fitted kitchen carefully

A fitted kitchen is always adapted to the room with millimetre precision. Corner cabinets need the correct angle, the extractor hood should not hang so low that one could bump one’s head and doors should be opened without being blocked by a cupboard or other device.

When measuring, think of height, width, length. Include door and window openings, as well as skirting boards. The exact space of sockets and pipe connections is also decisive for the orientation of the fitted kitchen.


Don’t forget the sockets

Most of the important appliances in the kitchen work with electricity and the more functions you want, the more power connections they need. The stove is connected to high current. For all remaining devices you need enough sockets in the right place, at an achievable distance. This not only enhances the look, but also makes sense to be able to use all devices at the same time.

When planning your cows, it is best to enter all the equipment you want and then check whether the sockets are sufficient. If this is not the case, additional sockets can be installed. You can call a specialist or do it yourself with some craftsmanship.

Also think of the shape of the fitted kitchen

For a fitted kitchen there is a large variation of possible shapes. So it can become a one- or two-piece kitchenette, a fitted kitchen in L-, G- or U-shape, as well as an island kitchen.

For some rooms one of the shapes is best suited, in other rooms there are many possibilities of construction. To do this, you should reconsider your cooking habits and preferences and decide on the form on this basis. If you choose a shape and draw the plan, it is useful to use as much space as possible. In some forms, dead corners are created, which are pure waste of space. However, if you plan corner cabinets or storage space for parking, you have used the corners well and in the rest of the kitchen more space for common altogether.


You have to be able to move around together

Exploiting corners is a good way to do it, doing everything is not so good. Therefore, it is recommended that you can walk wide through your fitted kitchen without having to pull in your belly or make room for each other.

There should be so much space between the cupboard and the opposite item that the drawer or door can be opened while there is still space behind it. The oven, dishwasher and fridge should also be able to be opened in such a way that you can look in and grab.


Don’t forget the desktop

The work surface should be not only practical, but also useful. Space for just one cutting board is not enough. Often you need bowls or plates to arrange and, for simplicity, you want to put your ingredients on it.

Those who like to cook together often should also take this into account when working on the work surface. This requires enough space to stand next to each other, but also to be able to cut and work in its place without pushing the other’s elbow into the side. Just stand next to each other and pretend to cut something, stir or otherwise prepare. This makes it easy to calculate the required space.


Plan the sink and dishwasher very close together

If the dishwasher is installed directly or almost directly below the sink, this facilitates the work and cleaning. Often dirty dishes are only stored in the sink or even rinsed beforehand. If you have to clear it through the entire kitchen in the dishwasher, you can easily leave a drip or dirt trail. In addition, it makes the work extremely difficult when things have to go fast in the kitchen.

Garbage needs space

A large drawer with several compartments is ideal for garbage. This way, the rubbish does not have to be brought out every day and the separation is facilitated.

A lot of people don’t separate their rubbish because it’s too much effort or they don’t see the point of it. However, if you have different bins directly at home and put the different materials in the same drawer, but different compartments, you don’t have to put any more trouble. The waste separation thus happens as if by itself. This is good for the environment. In addition, unpleasant odours can be avoided, as perishable foods are no longer mixed with other waste and thus cannot transmit the odour.

In addition, you can also adapt the garbage system to your habits. If you never buy deposit bottles, you don’t need an extra ton. Eat a lot of fruit and vegetables, so a large compost container is suitable. Work a lot with paper, this container should get bigger. Simply adapt the solution to yourself and planning will be many times easier.

Get advice from professionals

If you thoroughly rethink your habits and desires and work cleverly with the given circumstances, nothing can go wrong with the fitted kitchen. If you have developed your own ideas in principle, you should definitely seek advice from professionals. companies with years of experience, such as the Kitchen studio Nerger & Schilling in Leverkusen, inconsistencies in the planning immediately recognize and can give tips on how to optimize the planning for the dream fitted kitchen.


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