Five Elements to Craft an Effective Email Message


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Background: Five Elements to Craft an Effective Email Message

Anthropologists say that the most important step in the evolutionary history of the human being is perhaps the advent of an effective communication mechanism because that’s the time human beings started to become social animal from an animal. This signifies one of the fundamentals aspects of human life- the need for effective communication and writing to communicate, which is one of the most important parts of the process of communication. However, writing can be of various types. Writing a book is different than writing a letter. Even writing a letter for sales is different in style than writing a letter for thanksgiving. With the advent of the digital world and email as an effective measure for written communication, the whole situation has become even more complicated. For effective use of email marketing for communicating, especially if the email is made with an agenda of marketing, some strategies are necessary. The following tips might help create an effective email message for marketing strategy of your goods or services. Below are the things to kept in mind while creating an effective email message

Be relevant: Five Elements to Craft an Effective Email Message

In this age of artificial intelligence and data analytics, it is easier to know about people’s preferences. This knowledge should be used while making a marketing mail. A person should not be sent a marketing mail for a product he is genuinely interested in. For example, in the warm climate southern part of India, advertising an email about snow removing shovel is just irrelevant. Similarly, mail about a woolen jacket in summer in the southern part of India is
useless (unless a huge discount is being offered for stock clearing). People nowadays have very little time. People don’t read long emails. Therefore mails should be short and to the point. Beating about the bush and speaking irrelevant, lame points will irritate the reader and the mail might fail to produce the desired effect. These two points are to be considered to make the mail relevant.

Look reliable: Five Elements to Craft an Effective Email Message

Trust is one of the most difficult things to find in the world. Though man is a social animal and people generally are not outright liars, but trust takes time to develop within people. One trusts one’s friend and family but it is difficult to trust a random mail. So reliability is a point to be taken care of in the mail. But making or at least making the look of the mail trustworthy or reliable is not that easy. However, some simple steps can make the mail look more open, and thus the perception about the reliability of the mail might increase in the mind of the reader. The steps can be as- Do not make the mail clumsy. Untidy mail is an indication that you are trying to hide something.

Use simple, short sentences. That makes the information easy to understand for the reader. The easier it is for the reader to understand, the more reliable the mail becomes. Be open and frank in the message. Don’t use dual meaning sentences.

Be interactive

People are inherently more interested in themselves than others. This point is to be taken care of while writing a mail. The mail should be having a personal touch and the reader should feel that he or she is being personally interacted with. It should generate a feeling of importance in the reader. This feeling of being treated as an important person is the best way to make the mail interactive to the reader. This should be taken care of while writing the email. A personalized offer on your product for the reader or a special discount for being a loyal customer is highly appreciated by the customer who is reading your mail.

You can send personalised and automated emails using any email automations tools like moosend, sendgrid, constant contact and getresponse etc. Also mentioning the reader directly by name (if the situation is formal, then accompanied by designation also), gives immense pleasure to the reader and the mail becomes very interactive.

Be synchronized

Mails should be consistent, that is they should be such that one part of the mail is related to the other and the whole of the mail comes up with a concrete definite idea, not any abstract unsystematic context. The mail should speak a complete story. It should have a beginning, a body, an ending, and these parts should not be jumbled up. So should be facts in the body. The mail should be systematic and concrete.

Plan properly: Five Elements to Craft an Effective Email Message

The mail should be planned properly beforehand. Like what the length should be, what the format should be, all these factors are to be planned. Also, the timing to send the mail is important. Advanced knowledge about the reader is also a part of the planning. It gives you the name and other such factors.

So we can say that by following the above strategies it might be possible to create effective emails for not only marketing but also for general day-to-day use.

Raushan Kumar
A Cook, Software analyst & Blogger.


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