Car Floor Mats: An Effective Way To Keep Your Cars Clean & Hygienic


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When people think of the essential components of their car, floor mats do not usually pop up first among the list. Nevertheless, the function of car floor mats cannot be sidelined as they play a central role in keeping our vehicles clean and hygienic. While some people prefer buying new cars from the showrooms, most middle-class Indians purchase used cars from reputed sellers like car monkey used vehicles to choose their desired model from many options.

Regardless of whether the car is used or new, one must not allow dirt or dust to settle inside their vehicle and expose themselves to risk in these trying times. Exactly like how floor mats keep our houses and offices tidy and beautiful, they enhance the aesthetic appeal of one’s vehicle as well. It is recommended to invest in a rubber mat that stays impervious to all weather types and does not deteriorate over time. Let us go through some of the common types of car floor mats not to get confused the next time when they rush to the store to buy one. Drivers can choose their favourite car floor mats based on their priorities

Carpet Floor Mats

The carpet fibres ensure that the debris does not hover in the air and make cleaning a cumbersome activity. The water-absorbing properties of the fibres help the drivers a lot during muddy and rainy conditions. The synthetic fibres of the carpet are pretty efficient when it comes to trapping moisture and dirt.

Rubber Mats

The waterproof compound generally present in rubber mats make them more durable and sturdy. Also, they are impervious to all conditions. Since they effectively trap water, salts, and dirt on their surface, rubber mats are very easy to clean as well. Though they are relatively costly than other floor mat types, their utility prompts car owners to go after them.

3 D variant

As one would expect, a 3 D mat lends the interior of your vehicle a premium feel. They are available in wide-ranging shades, designs, and patterns. They are usually designed to hold all the dust in their grooves to make the travellers comfortable and require regular cleaning. However, one can go after a 3 D mat if the internal ambience is his/her priority.

Transparent Car Floor Mats

They are made up of good-quality plastic and are easy to install. Transparent floor mats stay resistant to water, dirt, and heat and are relatively cheaper than other floor mat variants. This is the perfect option for the ones who are looking for budget-friendly car floor mats though they are not so aesthetically pleasing.

Curly Mats

The curly surface of these mats ensures that the spillage is minimal. Besides, they come in multiple colours and do not require regular cleaning. Since all the dirt would be trapped inside the curl, one would not feel dust or water touching their feet.

Premium Fabric Floor Mats

As the name suggests, they are made from premium-quality fabric and are divided into multiple layers to ensure maximum comfort to one’s feet. The price tag also means that one does not need to spend too much time washing the mat as occasional cleaning using detergents would do the job efficiently.

Now, let us understand some of the common advantages of installing car floor mats.

Protection from Stains

Dirt from the shoes is the main villain when it comes to maintaining the interior hygiene of cars. Though dirt and dust particles can be removed easily, the accumulation of these particles in large quantities over time can make removal difficult. Floor mats can effectively shield the interior of the cars from all types of debris.

Car Floor Mats

Good Care Means Increased Value

Reputed services like car monkey used cars to ensure that the interior of the vehicles they sell would be neat and tidy. As far as car owners are concerned, good maintenance is essential when it comes to reselling cars. When your vehicle is covered in the stain at the time of reselling, it can significantly lower the car’s value. Buyers always prefer the car to be in impeccable condition at the time of sale.

Visual Appeal

It is needless to say that car floor mats are also an excellent way to enhance the visual appeal of the car’s interior. The classy look combined with their water/dust absorbing properties makes them an item that every car owner must-have.

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